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A flying buttress is most strongly associated with Gothic church in architecture. The purpose is to resist the lateral forces pushing a wall outwards by redirecting them to the ground.

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Q: What did flying buttress do?
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What is a flying buttress called?

its called a flying buttress

What building material to flying buttress?

To build a flying buttress, brick, wood, stone, and limestone is needed.

Where can flying buttress be normally found?

A flying buttress is a form of buttressing most strongly associated with Gothic church architecture. Flying buttress systems compose of two parts including a massive vertical masonry block on the outside of a building and a segmental or quadrant arch bridging the gap between the buttress and the wall.

What is a flying buttress used for?

to support walls.

Explain the significance of the invention of the flying buttress in architecture?

The flying buttress eliminated the need for extremely thick walls in Gothic architecture. New building utilizing the new support system could have thin walls where the load was transferred to the buttress, allowing for large windows.

What search terms would yield pages containg the words buttress or flying but not the phrase chartres cathedral?

The search term buttress flying -"Chartres Cathedral" would yield those pages.

Which of these is not a feature of Romanesque architecture?

A flying buttress is not a feature of Romanesque architecture.

How did the flying buttress change cathedrals?

They allowed catherdrals to become taller.

In Gothic Architecture the main purpose of the flying buttress was to?

To support thin walls.

What are some characteristices of gothic architecture?

flying buttress, pointed arches, and ribbed vault

An inclined member that carries the thrust of a building outward resembling scaffolding and used in Gothic architecture is called?

It's called a "buttress". If the entire base does not contact the ground, it is called a "flying buttress".

A sentence with buttress?

My face is a buttress

What architectural feature was developed in Medieval Europe but is no longer in use?

The flying buttress. New building materials made them unnecessary.

Are buttress roots edible?

Buttress roots are not edible.

Characteristics of gothic architecture?

The Gothic style of architecture has several characteristics. The buildings will have a flying buttress, ribbed vaulting, and pointed arches.

How would you use the word buttress in a sentence if buttress is a noun?

The buttress supports the roof above the statues (n.)

How can you use buttress in a sentence?

my pet buttress name is sally

Which is bigger and stronger a taproot or a buttress root?

A buttress root.

Use buttress in a sentence?

A buttress is a certain kind of architectural structure. An example sentence would be: He designed that buttress in 5 months.

What was the purpose of the flying buttress?

Flying buttresses support the outer walls in structures with very high walls and transfer the load (from roof/ceiling bearing on the upper portion of the wall) to the buttress, which acts as an arch transferring that load to the ground. Large cathedrals with high walls and arched windows of unreinforced stone employed them for strength. In a spiritual sense, they the flying buttresses were supposed to elevate people's thoughts to God and the angels above them.

Example of buttress roots?

one example of buttress roots is the Paduak tree

What were flying buttresses used for in the middle ages?

The purpose of any buttress, including flying, is to resist the lateral forces pushing a wall outwards (which may arise from stone vaulted ceilings or from wind-loading on roofs) by redirecting them to the ground.

What is the word buttress singular and plural possessive?

The singular possessive form of the noun buttress is buttress's.The plural form of the noun buttress is buttresses. The plural possessive form is buttresses'.

Why do some trees have buttress roots?

Buttress roots are an adaptation of trees in the rainforest (primarily). For taller and larger trees, buttress roots ensure it's stable - they are widely spread out and shallow.

What is buttress roots?