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A family member had died in the Armed Forces.

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What did the blue stars symbolize during World War 2?

If you are referring to the blue stars place in windows, it represented a member of the family was serving in the military. If the star was gold, it meant a member of the family was killed in action. Many families have these stars placed in home and cars windows even today.

What did white stars in windows mean during World War 2?

The stars were white on a red and white background. They were put there by families who had someone in the service during various wars, especially WWI and WW2. If the service person were killed in the war, a gold star was hung in the window.

What did gold stars in front windows mean during world war 2?

It meant that a family member had died in the service. These little banners could be purchased, with one, two, three or four blue stars, to show how many were in the service. If one was killed, you'd need a new banner with a gold star, and another with blue stars for any remaining family members in the service. There is still a national organization of Gold Star Mothers.

What do the 4000 gold stars mean in the world war 2 memorial?

the gold stars in the world war 2 memorial represent family sacrifice.

What do the gold stars mean on world cup shirts?

The stars represent how many times a team has won the World Cup.

How many stars are on the world war 2 memorial?

4,000 gold stars are on the wall because they symbolize the world war 2.

What did a gold star on someone's window represent during World War 2?

The Germans put golden stars on people and businesses and it meant they were Jewish.

How many gold stars are there on the Freedom Wall at the World War 2 memorial?

There are 4000 stars to honor the dead from World War II CORRECTION: Actually there are 4048* stars

Blue star in window for safe house?

The Blue Star banners hung in the windows of families that had family members serving during the war. The blue stars would have a gold star imposed over them if the soldier died in action.

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Is gold used in windows?

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What do the gold stars represent at the World War 2 memorial?

They represent all the soldiers who died in WW2.

What did silver stars in window mean during World War 2?

blue star -service member gold star death of service member no silver star in window -- only medal for valor

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What did silver stars in the window mean during world war 2?

The Silver Star banner meant a member of that household was serving in the Armed Forces. They were available with as many stars as necessary (some families had multiple members in the services). If a family member lost their life, the silver star was replaced with a gold star.

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