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It means that you know how to speak Hebrew, and that one time when you got drunk, you spoke in that language.

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Q: What did it mean when while drunk you spoke in Hebrew once?
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If you mean Emmanuel Vardi (the composer who died in 2011) then yes, he spoke Hebrew.

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How do you say speaked in Hebrew?

There is no such word as "speaked". You either mean "spoke" or "spoken". The Hebrew verb "to speak" is diber (דיבר). In order to conjugate the past tense, you have to provide the entire sentence.

What is the difference between Spoke to and spoke with?

"Spoke to" suggests a one-way conversation where you are the speaker, while "spoke with" implies a two-way conversation where you are actively engaging with another person.

What does Yahweh Shalom mean?

Shalom means peace. The other word is a Christianized word for the Jewish God, but it is not spoke in Hebrew or even spelled like that.

What does lahim mean in Hebrew?

Your thinking of Lechaim which is the Hebrew version of "Cheers" while making a toast. It literally means "to life"

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Luis doesn't mean anything in Hebrew. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew.