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John Peter Zenger got thrown in jailbecause he printed something false about the governor. (William Cosby)

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Q: What did john peter zenger do to get thrown in jail?
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Newspapermen thrown in jail for accusing his colony's governor of wrongdoing?

John Peter Zenger

How long was John Peter Zenger in jail for?

10 months

How many months did John Peter Zenger wait in jail before his trial?

9 Months

How did John Peter Zenger die?

John peter zenger died by eating a poisonous rabbit

Was John Peter Zenger a loyalist or a patriot?

John Peter Zenger was a Patriot, he was also a journalist.

What resulted from Anna zenger's continuing to publish newspapers?

Anna Zenger continued to publish newspapers after her husband was arrested, which eventually led to her own arrest and imprisonment. However, her defiance inspired others in the community to take up the cause of press freedom, contributing to the eventual establishment of freedom of the press in the American colonies.

When did the trial of John Peter Zenger end?

the earliest time john peter zenger was free was august 5, 1735

What did john peter zenger do to get in trial?

John Peter Zenger wrote something bad about the government in a newspaper. When he lived, you were not allowed to do that.

John Peter Zenger how is similar with Fahrenheit 451?

John Peter Zenger was a printer who fought for freedom of the press in colonial America, much like how Fahrenheit 451 explores themes of censorship and the importance of free thought. Both Zenger's case and the book highlight the dangers of oppressive governments trying to control information and ideas.

Whose trial helped establish freedom of the press?

john peter zenger... i just looked it up in my history book so 99.9% sure that's the right answer... :)

Were was John Peter Zenger from?


Where was the case of John Peter Zenger?