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Q: What did kids in the 80s wear?
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Can fat men wear a cummerbund?

nobody should wear a cummerbund, unless you're from the 80s.

What are popular 80s costumes to wear to a party?

The Madonna look is an easy costume to make and even the make-up isn't hard. Try this website for information on how to become a "Madonna",

Dare for boys to wear makeup?

It was common in the '80s.

Who had a hit with Kids in America in the 80s?

Kim Wilde

What kind of shoes did teen girls wear in the 80s?


What do you wear to an 80s Dance?

Well of course you would wear your sweet converse. ANY COLOR! Maybe even a cute 80s Mickey Mouse tee. Then top it off with some cute jean shorts!

What type of clothing people use to wear in the 80s?

People used to wear loud patterns and colourful t-shirts.

Why does Nick Jonas always wear convers?

Because the 80s are coming back.

What kind of shoes did the people in the 80s wear?

pixie boots, boxer boots

Did the wear leg warmers in the 80s?

Yes all the time, it was a big style

What did girls wear in the 80s?

big hair rainbow skirt

What did the 80s people wear?

People in the 80s wore jelly shoes, wedges, jelly bracelets, skinny jeans, big sweatshirts, shoulder pads, and very colorful things.

What shoes should a girl wear for 80s day?

Flats definitely that are neon colors

What did teenagers wear in the 80s?

They wore fancy dresses, skirts and shorts made by vintage.

What is kids wear?

Kids wear is the dresses wear by children like trousers, tank tops, jeggings and much more.

What should you wear if you were to go to the United States Virgin Islands?

The temperature is usually in the 80s or 90s. So wear comfortable clothing for the tropics.

Should kids wear underwear?

Kids should wear boxers during the day. at night they shouldn't wear under wear

What kids like to wear uniforms?

none. no kids like to wear uniforms.

What clothes did kids wear in the 1800s?

what clothes does the kids wear in the 1800's

When was These Kids Wear Crowns created?

These Kids Wear Crowns was created in 2009.

What do kids wear if they were poor?

they would wear old clothes that can't be washed if there parents were rich the kids get new stuff to wear

Did Tampa Bay Buccaneers ever wear a yellow jersey?

Yes I believe it was in the early 80s.

Which teenage mutant ninja turtle wear red?

raphael, but in the original 80s comics, they all did

Did the 80s wear tie dye?

Who Cares Well I care it's for my sister

Can kids wear fursuits at Halloween?

Kids can wear just about anything on Halloween.... fursuits? Why not?