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They ate meat and bread most of the time they also ate potatoes .

  • deer
  • boar
  • various birds
  • door mice
  • vegetables ( no potatoes, tomatoes or corn these are New World foods)
  • eels
  • fish
  • beef
  • mutton/lamb
  • fruit mainly apples with honey
  • cakes
  • breads of all sorts

What we eat today, meat, vegetables, whatever the earth could offer.
Bread and meat

roasted chicken, roasted pig, fish, and fruits

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What would medieval knights eat for breakfast?

slopppy joes.

Where were medieval l knights from?

Medieval knights were mostly in Europe but knights were located everywhere

What did knights in the medieval eat besides bread and meat?

fruits and vegetables you twit.

What kind of meat for breakfast did Medieval knights eat?

The sorts of meat medieval knights ate are beef, fish, pork, or lamb. Vegetables and fruits that came from the ground were not considered fit to feed the nobility.

Where were there knights?

There were knights at all places in medieval times.

Was there knights in china in medieval ages?

Yes, there were knights.

What did medieval knights eat for breakfast?

They usually ate meat and thick stew, they also ate vegetables.

What battles did medieval knights fight in?

Medieval Knights often fought in tournaments. The purpose was to increase their skill levels. :)

What was the religion of medieval European knights?

The medieval knights of Western Europe were nearly all Catholic. In Eastern Europe, after the East-West schism, knights were mostly Eastern Orthodox, but when we think of medieval knights, in their armor, we are usually thinking of Western Europeans.

What did a lord in Medieval Times do?

Medieval lords would watch their manor in a castle or palace, do duties to the king and eat roast duck, cauliflower and ham served by pheasants. THey provide knights for the king, train knights and many other things.

Where do medieval knights live?

The knights lived in castles, but wedo not do that now.

Who participated in medieval tournaments?

knights were the ones that participated in medieval tournaments.

What did medieval knights drink?


Are there any famous Medieval knights?


When were knights around?

Medieval Times

What skills do Medieval knights have?


Did medieval knights sleep nude?

No, they did not!

Who used medieval weapons?


Was there female knights in medieval Europe?


What were the challenges the knights faced in medieval?


What kind of clothing did knights in Medieval Times wear?

heavy armorIn medieval times, knights wore armour when going in to battle.

What is the medieval knights code of conduct?

The code of conduct for knights is called a Chivalry.

What was a knights social status?

Knights played a major role in Medieval life.

How are knights today like medieval knights?

Today one can simply wear an armor and call himself a knight, back in medieval you had to be a noble.

Who would win out of Jedi Knights or medieval knights?

I think Jedi Knights because they have hot light savers.

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