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Q: What did miss Dennis mean when she told students to pay attention?
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What does Voy a extrañar a todos mis alumnos mean?

I am going to miss all of my students.

Who are the students of miss louisa in the play miss louisa and the outlaws?

These are the name of the students of miss Louisa in the story Miss Louisa and the Outlaws --> Theodore --> Annabelle --> William --> Clara

How many penalties did Dennis Irwin miss?

three in his career

What does miss meeks call her students from loser?

Miss Meeks called her students "young citizens" in the book Loser.

What is the plot to Miss Awful?

"Miss Awful" is a children's book by Arthur Yorinks about a mean and strict teacher, Miss Orville, who terrorizes her students. One day, the students decide to teach her a lesson by playing a trick on her, which results in Miss Orville realizing her behavior and changing her ways. The story ultimately teaches a lesson about empathy and understanding.

What are the release dates for Dennis the Menace - 1959 Miss Cathcart's Friend 2-16?

Dennis the Menace - 1959 Miss Cathcart's Friend 2-16 was released on: USA: 22 January 1961

How to use the hungry students in a SENTENCE?

in Miss Jonsons class all her students are hungry students

Can you give me a summary of the story miss awful?

It is a Story about a teacher that is not the best but their students think she is a horrible teacher. Then she is replaced by an old teacher called Miss Orville. Miss Orville is really strict and is the type of teacher you hate, so then the students saw that Miss Awful didn't was as bad as they thought and the learned that you need to wait before judging.

What does it mean to dream about dead perents?

It may mean you miss them and this is your only way to be with them or it might have a message so pay close attention. Although I strongly think its just you missing them!

Do teachers care about their students and miss them when the years over?

they will always miss us no matter what

What are the external conflicts in Miss Awful?

In "Miss Awful" by Arthur Cavanaugh, some external conflicts include Miss Turkin's harsh treatment of her students, the students' struggle to cope with her unfair punishments, and their attempts to find a way to stand up to her authority. Additionally, there is conflict between the students and their parents as they navigate the difficulties of dealing with Miss Turkin's behavior.

In Britain and the US do students address their female teachers as miss?

Miss, Ms, or Mrs.In the US, students can address unmarried female teachers as Ms or Miss. Married female teachers can be addressed as Mrs. or Ms.In Britain it is also the same but students also address them as Mam to be more respectful.