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Modern dance evolved from Ballet, jazz, hip hop, and many other forms of dance. Some contemporary dancers draw inspiration from ballroom dancing, others enjoy the elegance of ballet, while some enjoy the spontaneous movements of jazz and the wonderful stories they paint with their bodies of struggles, good times, and love.

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Q: What did modern dance evolve from?
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What does the word modern dance techniques?

modern dance techniques of modern dance contemporaries.

What is modern dance?

modern dance is the latest version of dance made.

What is the different between modern dance and interpretative dance?

modern dance is modern while interpretative dance is more in interpretaion

What is creative modern dance?

creative modern dance is what you dance in a creative way

When was The Modern Dance created?

The Modern Dance was created in 1978.

Did modern dance develop from any other style?

I am assuming that what you are referring to as modern dance is modern jazz dance. This style of dance came from ballet.

What is the difference between modern dance to folk dance?

Modern dance is pretty obviously created now, but folk dance used to be a modern dance that was taught through the generations.

Do you get more flexible in modern dance or jazz dance?

Modern dance requires more flexibility than jazz dance.

Who developed modern dance and why?

The person who developed modern dance was Isadora Duncan. Martha Graham was just a dancer inspired by Isadora Duncan and her dance, Modern Dance.

What style is modern dance?

modern :)

Is chicken dance a modern dance?

No it isn't.

Is dance modern art?

Not exactly. You could say that modern dance is a performing art.

Major similarities between modern dance and post -modern dance?

hi what 7

What dance begins with p?

post modern dance

Where did dance evolve from?

Humankind's need to express joy.

When was Guangdong Modern Dance Company created?

Guangdong Modern Dance Company was created in 1992.

When was Irish Modern Dance Theatre created?

Irish Modern Dance Theatre was created in 1991.

What are the classification and uses of modern dance?

Modern dance has several different categorizations which include partner dance, solo dance and group dance. It can also be categorized by purpose such as performance, ceremonial and social dance.

Where is modern dance commonly performed?

modern dance is usually performed in theatres plays ect but you can also watch at dance clesses.

What causes the modern atmosphere to evolve?

The more oxygen there was the more it evolve.

What is Jose limon dance form?

His dance form is American modern dance.

Flamenco is a modern dance?


What is modern contemporary dance?

modern contemporary is a very slow and dramatic type of dance in the dance you do many drags, reaches, leaps, and turns.

What dance made kathrine dunhame famous?

Modern Dance

What type of dance does Martha Graham do?

She was the mother of Modern dance