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What did non-Jews think of Hitler?

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I think that non-Jews were divided in what they thought of Hitler

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Certainly not. By far, the vast majority of the people who fought against his regime were non-Jewish.

Passover is usually only celebrated by Jews

Hindenburg think about Hitler because hitler was growing with very fast rate in the germany

No, they do not think that Hitler is a hero.

Hitler thought of Jews as vermin.

i think Hitler was not that much very important? If you think Hitler is important then tell me if he was ever recognized i will make a Question?

I think Hitler was dose he sleep at night [ well how DID he sleep at night]

The Aryan race were considered by Hitler to be pure.

hitler had no children but i think he had sister that lived to 1960

I think he is a bad guy

He didn't think that, his mother died from breast cancer and Hitler was aware of that.

He loved Hitler. He thought of him as a role model.

I think he was Austrian

What type of mental illness did Adolf Hitler have? I think hitler was a narcissist or maybe a psychopath or a sadist.

Hitler had a high regard for his mother and loved her very much.

Hitler believed that the Aryan race was the superior race.

Hitler is not the greatest man to ever exist. If you think of great men you usually think of men who did something good for the world, which is definitely not the case with Hitler.

I think because Hitler wanted more countries. is that the right answer?

Jewish people, I think.

depends how you think about it

In my own opinion, I think Hitler is worse. In all, Hitler had evil ideals and a strong army to make them happen.

To make USSR think that Hitler wouldn't invade USSR. But Hitler did invided USSR.

Hitler think they are the master race and there was nazis.Nazi was the main source of there power.

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