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They all look different but handmade.

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Q: What did olden day houses look like?
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What were olden day houses made of?


What did there clothes look like in the olden day in 1900?

much dirtier so most brown

What was the olden day Olympics like?

Fights and death

What were olden day houses like?

Olden day houses didn't have very descent belonging's which weren't very valuable. They had chairs like three legged stool's and very small rooms. They never had any electric fires and you couldn't find much coal around so you woldn't often have fires. They didn't have much to worry about things being taken because the didn't have very valuable things to be taken. From Rebecca ;)

Did the olden day cars have safety belts?

olden day cars have no safety belts

How did Jamestown houses look like?

The houses in Jamestown had a very unique look to them. The roof would come to a point, the bottom is rectangular in shape. The roof was made out of shingles or hay (back in the day), and they were made out of wood or brick.

What did the Olden Day Planes Look Like?

Most early airplanes had two wings on each side which added stability and strength. They were generally made with a wooden frame covered with canvas.

What did a hosier do in the olden days?

They made socks and stocking in the olden day and in the medieval towns.

What did they dance in the olden day's?

Actually they mostly did ballet and clog dancing in the "olden days"

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Discuss the purification methods used in the olden days

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