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What did one wall say to the other wall?

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βˆ™ 2007-07-28 21:17:51

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I'll meet you at the corner

2007-07-28 21:17:51
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What did the wall say to the other wall?

I'll meet you at the corner!

What did the wall say to the other?

Your really hard

Can a mouse get through one wall to another?

yes they can with the connects from wall to wall or they can go under your tiles or floorboards to one other

What did one wall say to the other?

Are you stoned?Follow the yellow brick road? What the heck is holding you up?

Why no one can cross over the wailling wall?

On one side the wailing wall is a Jewish holy spot. On the other side of the wall it is part of a Muslim masque. The two "parties" like to ignore the existence of the other.

If two rooms share a wall can you use two separate colors?

Yes you can use let say blue on one side and red on other

Why do say The Great Wall was not one long continuous structure?

They say that because it wasn't always one long structure. Back then there were only sections of the wall to protect one place. Until an emperor ordered the people to connect it.

There are two bookcases against a wall if one takes up 59 of the wall and the other takes up 15 of the wall how much of the wall is covered by bookcases?

74 of the wall is covered by bookcases. 59+15

Is there any other great wall of china?

negative, only one

Besides a plant cell what other cell has a cell wall?

hey ally how are you say hi to me when you read this

How would i get the square foot of a room for wall tiles?

Multiply the length of one wall by the height to give you the square footage of that one wall. Then repeat for all other walls in the room and add up the total.

How do you say wall in spanish?

Wall: pared (pa-red)

What does a cell wall and membrane have in common?

one cannot exist without the other

Was the great wall one long wall when it was built?

It was not one big wall

Why would only one plug-in work in a two outlet wall outlet?

The other outlet may be controlled by a wall switch ...

How do you measure concrete wall to be painted?

Measure floor to ceiling, measure wall length. Multiply one by the other, you now have the surface to be covered.

How do you say western wall in Hebrew?

Western Wall = ha-Kotel

How do you say 'wall' in Japanese?

wall : 壁 (かべ): pronounced "ka-be(bay)"

What do Jews say a when they are at the wailing wall?

There is no such thing as a wailing wall. This is a misnomer imposed by non-Jewish people who misunderstood the dinstinctive style of Jewish prayer, and thought it was wailing.You are most likely referring to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.The Western Wall was built as part of the expansion of the 2nd Jewish Temple, approximate 20 BCE. It is a retaining wall of the Temple mount that was built by King Herod.Jews generally say prayers at the Western Wall, and there is a tradition of placing notes inside the wall's cracks.Answer:Its not only what Jews say. The Wall and Jerusalem is a holy place for 3 major religions (even though it is looked as for the Jews). When Jews go to the wall they put a message inside and pray. They read the bibles [note: this is not true. Jews Generally read from prayerbooks or the Torah at the Wall], say a prayer for a loved one (dead or alive), say there wishes, etc. Anyone can say whatever they want to say.

What was the importance of the Great Wall of China on civilization?

The great wall of china was to be used as a defencebarrier to protect against the Mongolians north of them. Some say it was used as a symbol of strength to other countrys.

What is the Great Wall of China a bridge or a wall?

The Great Wall of China is a very large wall that stretches from one end of China to the other. In fact, it is so big astronauts can see it from space! It was built to keep out Mongolian invaders. The Great Wall of China was most definitely a wall.

Where are two fish in you spy spooky mansion?

One is in a bowl the other is in a shadow on the wall

Why does the great wall of china such a populated place?

because it has been there for such a long time and i think it is one of the wonders of the world. also there is no other wall that long.

When you will say the wall is shear wall in masonry?

If the wall is subjected to shear forces due to horizontal loading, it becomes a shear wall whether it is a masonry or a concrete wall.

In the 21 guns music video by green day what did the writing on the wall say?

On one side of the wall there is '21 Guns' lyrics and on another side there is 'See The Light' lyrics