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What did people do with the dead during the Black Plague?


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They buried them or burned them if there were too many to bury.


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Approximately 75 Million Dead!!

They mostly burned them out of the fear that the dead bodies still carried the plague. Some were buried like any other bodies.

Black Death was spread due to dead rats and dead bodies. Cleaning them prevented Plague spread as there are no fleas.

Black Death caused many artists. to portray painting of people carrying dead bodies.

Fewer people came to see theater because they were dead, sick, or afraid of getting the disease.

A few reasons. During that time religion was everything. The vicar was one of the most important people in a village. If he died then there would be nobody to lead mass or bless the dead. However the most important reason was people thought the Black Plague was an act of god and the end of days. If the priest dies from the plague it would cause additional fear, lawlessness, and panic. So they tended to protect the Vicars.

so the people wouldn't get the plague aswell. so the wont get infected by the diseaces from the plague from the people that were dead

The black plague was diminished by many factors. People began to practice better hygiene, bodies of the dead were burned instead of buried, people would light fires in their homes to purify the air and individuals would also only go out into the public if it were necessary.

Dead bodies, as well as the usual refuse which made medieval European towns and cities stink.

they caught the plague and dropped dead

In 1665, there was approximately 267 people recorded dead from the plague in Eyam alone. In London, 6000 people died from the plague in one week.

They made that song during the black plague Posies were common flowers put on top of a dead person after he/she died to keep the smell away and When they say ashes ashes during the plague They burned the dead bodys and we all fall down means that we all die so really it really tells a story

The Black plague affects your body by causing buboes, or blister-like pieces of skin that contain macrophages, which are dead immunity cells.It was called the Black Plague because of internal bleeding and that, when the blood dried it became black under the skin so the skin turned "black", or a really deep red.

The Plague (or The Black Death) devastated the population of Europe. Plague victims were buried in mass graves know as plague pits.

they burnt the bodies when the streets got to filled

People weren't buying anything because they thought they could be dead any minute, so they took whatever they needed from the dead. Therefore, currency wasn't distributed.

Some likely did, but it was more likely that one would be bitten by a plague carrying flea that came off a dead rat.

The Black Death (Bubonic Plague) peaked in Europe between 1347 and 1350 with 30% to 65% dead.

They don't have to be black cats. Also, cats aren't really "protectors" they just keep away the evil spirits of the dead and also keep away Anubis who is basicly a tells you in the first "The Mummy" movie :D The only instince where a black cat has significance would be Halloween. But the origin of the Black Cat has nothing to do with Halloween, it refers to the time of The Black Plague. A theory that the dying people came up with was that cats were the cause of the horrid disease. Because the people wanted to stop the Bubonic Plague, they killed any cat they could find. The "Black" cat part is because the Bubonic Plague is also known as the "Black" Plague, thus the Black Cat came about. It was considered bad luck if a black cat crossed your path because it would mean that you would get the Bubonic Plague.

Yes, but only as long as the bacteria which spread it survived. The bodies of people who had died of the plague were used in biowarfare during the middle ages. Besieging armies would throw bodies of plague victims over the walls of a city and wait for the plague to soften up their enemy before attacking. Since Yersinia Pestis survives best in the bodies of fleas and flea-infested rats, the main risk during an outbreak is not from dead bodies, but from the original reservoir of infected fleas which may bite other nearby people and animals. Good pest control is critical to preventing and limiting plague outbreaks.

during their dead are you stoned

syddall was a girl who lived in the village of eyam during the plague. all her family died of the plague along with herself and she had a sweetheart called rowland torre who didnt know he was dead until after the plague was over.

most of the time their were people hired to do it they would come to the house of the dead and wheel the body away in a wheel barrow usually to be burned

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