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They buried them or burned them if there were too many to bury.

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Q: What did people do with the dead during the Black Plague?
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How do people now treat the black plague now?

the black plauge is dead

The Black dead in the Medieval times?

The Plague victims

What were the results of the black plague?

Approximately 75 Million Dead!!

How did they bury the people that was affected by the black plague?

They mostly burned them out of the fear that the dead bodies still carried the plague. Some were buried like any other bodies.

Why was quarantine the most effective for the plague?

Black Death was spread due to dead rats and dead bodies. Cleaning them prevented Plague spread as there are no fleas.

What is the first memorial of plague?

Black Death caused many artists. to portray painting of people carrying dead bodies.

How did the Black Plague effect theater?

Fewer people came to see theater because they were dead, sick, or afraid of getting the disease.

How did people die in 1900?

they caught the plague and dropped dead

What group of people did the bubonic plague effect?

The dead ones.

Two reasons why many bodies of plague victims were not buried when the plague was at its worst in England?

so the people wouldn't get the plague aswell. so the wont get infected by the diseaces from the plague from the people that were dead

What did the European people use to try to get rid of the smell of dead people lying in the streets during the plague?

Many people carried flowers, scented herbs or perfumes with them.

Why was important for the vicar not to get the black plague?

A few reasons. During that time religion was everything. The vicar was one of the most important people in a village. If he died then there would be nobody to lead mass or bless the dead. However the most important reason was people thought the Black Plague was an act of god and the end of days. If the priest dies from the plague it would cause additional fear, lawlessness, and panic. So they tended to protect the Vicars.

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