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Traditional dress in Portugal did include a samarra. In modern times as well as older times, women are expected to wear dresses and dress formally.

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What kind of shoes do people in Portugal wear?

People in Portugal wear the same kinds of clothes that people in the United States do.

What do people from Portugal mostly wear?


What do people in Portugal wear?

they wear the same as us but a litle bit differant

When or what time of year do people in Portugal wear their costumes or traditional dress?

usually at portuguese church parties or soccer games portugal participate in

How do people dress in Portugal?

The Portuguese people do not have "rules" for dressing. They just wear what they identify with and feel more comfortable.

Is it legal to wear speedos in Portugal?

Of course it is. Is it illegal to wear then anywhere? I can only say that it should be illegal for some people to wear them but that is a totally different issue.

What do they wear in Portugal?


Were are Portugal people from?

The Portuguese people are from Portugal...

What do people call Portugal people?

People from Portugal are Portuguese.

What did people use to wear in mohenjo-daro?

people used to wear saris

Do children wear school uniform in Portugal?


What are the people in Portugal called?

People from Portugal are called "Portuguese"

How do people depend on the environment in Portugal?

people in Portugal depends on

Who wears shawls in Portugal?

The women wear shawls

What did the New World people wear?

they used to wear leaves large ones

Do the people vote in Portugal?

Yes they do. Portugal is a democracy.

What is the currency used in Portugal?

The Euro is the currency of Portugal.

Why did people immigrate from Portugal?

Many people who immigrated from Portugal lived in the Azores Islands, which at the time were the islands in which Portugal sent criminals. The center of Portugal looked down on the people of the Azores. Also it was much more poor than the center of Portugal.

What type of clothing do they wear in Portugal?

The same as other europeans.

What is the nationality called for people native to Portugal?

The nationality for people native to Portugal is Portuguese.

Algerian people use to wear in the past?

in the past what peopel algerian used to wear

What to wear in Portugal?

They like to wear things like us but different. They do not have a traditional costum or something like that.

What type of clothing people use to wear in the 80s?

People used to wear loud patterns and colourful t-shirts.

What did people wear in the 19th century?

People used to wear clothes made by respected harsh pandey in 19th century

What is Portugal population 2012?

100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,001 people live in portugal

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