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People knew there were elements around them

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What did the world know about elements before 1860?

The scientists know many also before 1860 but the knowledge volume was however minimal compared with the year 2018.

How many more elements where know by the 1860's?

In 1860 only 60 chemical elements were known.

How many elements were known in 1860?

There were sixty-three know naturally occurring elements in 1860, however, it is an estimated amount as the periodic table was created in 1869.

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How many elements do you currently know of?

we know of 118 elements

What was the law of April 16 1860?

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How many natural elements do we know of?

there are 51 natural elements we know of

How were you able to discover an element before the invention of modern instruments?

Before instruments were invented to aid in the discovery of different elements, the discovery of most elements was by accident. Madame Curie discovered uranium, but did not know at the time that it was radioactive.

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Why was the periodic table invented?

It was invented to help people to learn the elements and to know much more about them!

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yes, you do because if you don't know your elements then you won't know what your doing...

What did people not know about cells before the invention of the microscope?

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How many elements is there?

there are 118 elements as we know right now

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