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Most people thought his paintings were good especially his ones of dancers.

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Who is the painter of laundry women?

You seem to think that only one artist in history has painted laundry women. That is not so. The most famous paintings on this subject were made by Edgar Degas.

How old was Edgar Degas when he started to paint?

I think he was 4 when he started if I am correct.

What elements of art did Edgar Degas use?

I think he used texture and space :) hope that helps :)

What do you think of frida kahlos paintings?

It is quite unimportant to other people what I think of somebody's paintings. And it should be unimportant to you what other people think of art. What YOU think should be the only important thing to you.

What was Edgar Degas' childhood like?

i think he had a lovely life but his mum died when he was thirteen he loved his mum very much so he probably had a bit of depression for a bit so yeah thats what i think

What you think about Monet's paintings?

I think so many people love his paintings that he must be one of the most popular painters ever.

What do people like about Henri Rousseau's paintings?

To know what people think you will have to ask them.

Why do people love Max Ernst Paintings?

It's a matter of taste. Some people love him some people are indifferent toward him. I personally think his paintings are very dynamic.

Why do some people think Salvador Dali is mad?

Those who do find his paintings strange.

What type of paintings did the renaissance do?

i do not know but i think its oil paintings

Why is Edgar Allan Poe so sad?

because most people think he suffed from depression

Who was Degas at competition with?

He was one of the impressionists. I do not think he was really competing with his friends and colleagues.

What are the oldest cave paintings?

Lascaux Cave, Paleolithic people made it around 10,000 B.C. I think...

The creation of art?

Art comes in many forms. Paintings, poetry, stage, etc. Most of the time, people usually think of art as paintings, sketches, sculpting, and more.

What did people think of van gogh's work?

many people though of van gogh as a suicidal man, but many people love his paintings. xD

What is the oldest nude artwork?

People have been painting the human form for as long as people have been painting pictures. Think cave paintings. I don't think there is an accurate answer for this question.

What do people in Paris France do for a living?

Paintings, or cooking I think. What's the real question is that Paris people do alot of things to make money!

What did people think of Vincent van Gogh's paintings?

Nobody liked them, he sold only one painting in his life.

How did people react to pop art?

people of that time were surprised by how quickly it was made compared to regular paintings and rejected it because they didn't think it was unique.

What do you think of van Gogh's art?

My opinion is of no importance. More important is that millions of people (including critics) love his paintings.

Why did Edgar Allan Poe think of himself cursed?

Probably because most of his family, and most of the people he cared about all died.

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