What did prefontaine do for Nike?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Well his coach in college at the University of Oregon, Bill Bowerman, basically created the company on his toaster oven singlehandedly!

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Q: What did prefontaine do for Nike?
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Who wore the first pair of Nike?

Steve Prefontaine

How effective is the prefontaine running shoe?

The prefontaine running shoes are made by the company Nike. Just as any other Nike product, prefontaine running shoes are durable and an effective running shoe for keeping your feet safe and protected when working out.

Who is the only athlete to have a statue on nike grounds?

Steve Prefontaine

What country makes nike?



Steve Pre Prefontaine His running coach invented Nike Sneakers. He wore the first pair :)

What celebrities have endorsed Nike shoes over the years?

Nike has been endorsed by many celebrities over the years, but most notably by Steve Prefontaine, Michael Jordan, and Carl Lewis.

Who was Steve Prefontaine's mother?

Elfriede Prefontaine

Where was the brand Nike originated?

Bill Bowerman,Phil Knight and Steve Prefontaine Eugene,Oregon

When was Albert Prefontaine born?

Albert Prefontaine was born in 1862.

When did Albert Prefontaine die?

Albert Prefontaine died in 1935.

When was Prefontaine Classic created?

Prefontaine Classic was created in 1975.

When was Edmond Prefontaine born?

Edmond Prefontaine was born in 1898.