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He played for the OSU Buckeyes.

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Q: What did team did NCIS agent Tony DiNozzo play for in college?
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Who plays the role of Tony Dinozzo in NCIS?

Michael Weatherly plays Special Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo in NCIS.

Who is senior special agent tony dinozzo?

He is a Senior Field Agent on the acclaimed TV series, NCIS.

What is tony dinozzo's real name?

The actor who plays Tony Dinozzo on NCIS is Michael Weatherly

Who played Jean on NCIS?

Actress Scottie Thompson played the character of Jeanne Benoit in NCIS. She appeared in Seasons 4 and 5. She was romantically involved with Agent DiNozzo of NCIS. Her character broke off the relationship with Tony Dinozzo and went to a different place. Her character never came up after that date. She was romantically involved with Agent DiNozzo of NCIS.

Who plays Special Agent Tony DiNozzo in the TV series NCIS?

The actor named Michael Weatherly plays Tony DiNozzo in the TV series NCIS. Michael W has been playing him since 2003 until the present, which is 2013.

Who does Micheal Weatherly play in ncis?

Tony Dinozzo

What branch of the service did agent tony serve in on ncis?

Correct me if I'm wrong but Tony did not serve in any Military Forces. Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo was a cop.

Does Tony DiNozzo die in NCIS?

As of November 2010, he has not died. Update: As of June 2013 Tony Dinozzo is still alive.......!

What is Tony's full name on NCIS?

Anthony "Tony" D. DiNozzo Jr.

Who plays the role of tony dinozzo on NCIS?

Micheal Weatherly

Who plays the role of Tony DiNozzo in on NCIS?

Michael Weatherly

What illness did Tony DiNozzo on NCIS get that he almost died from?

Tony was almost killed by bubonic plague from a biological attack on NCIS.

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