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The BFG fed the trogglehumper he caught to the other giants, as punishment for their nasty behavior.

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Q: What did the BFG do with the trogglehumper he caught?
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What is the mean of a trogglehumper?

A trogglehumper is the worst possible dream that the big friendly giant (BFG) can give you. There is no mean value for trogglehumpers. Based on the book entitled "The BFG", by Roald Dahl.

What is trogglehumper?

A trogglehumper is a fictional creature from Roald Dahl's book "The BFG." It is a large creature with a fearsome appearance, often used to intimidate others.

How did the giants from the book BFG get into a fight?

The BFG throws a trogglehumper/a nightmare to the Fleshlumpeater then the Fleshlumpeater punches the Meatdripper then he kicks the Maidmasher and they both wake up and start hitting the Fleshlumpeater and all the giants wake up and start hitting and get into a fight.

What was the BFG giving to the children?

The BFG was giving dreams to the children. He caught dreams and brought them to the children while they were asleep.

Which corpporate has punch line Better than the Best?

bfg bfg bfg

When was the BFG published?

"The BFG" was published in 1982.

Is the BFG ticklish in the book?

In the book "The BFG" by Roald Dahl, there is no specific mention of the BFG being ticklish. While the BFG is a gentle giant with unique characteristics, his susceptibility to tickling is not a noted trait in the story.

When did BFG Technologies end?

BFG Technologies ended in 2010.

When was BFG Technologies created?

BFG Technologies was created in 2002-08.

What is the ISBN of The BFG?

The ISBN of The BFG is 0-224-02040-4.

Who wrote The BFG and the Twits?

Roald Dahl wrote the BFG and the twits.

What vegetable does the BFG eat?

he eats a snuzcumber love ?