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The Chinese first used wooden scrolls and whole bones on silk.

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Q: What did the Chinese write on before paper was invented?
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What did the Chinese write on before they invented paper?

The Chinese wrote on wooden scrolls, bones, and silk before they invented silk.

What did people write on when paper was not invented?

It is thought that people used animal skins, papyrus and tree and plant barks and skins to write on before a Chinese government official in about 100 BC named Ts'ai Lun invented a convenient source of paper.

When did Chinese writing invented?

Yes. The Chinese invented a language and they can write just like we write in English.

What did ancient China write on?

Chinese people are just like everybody else. They write on paper. However, in ancient times before paper was invented, they used to write on bamboo strips. Coincidentally, it was they who invented paper later in ~AD 105.

What did the ancient Chinese use to write on paper?


Why does paper been invented?

To write on

When did they invent Chinese writing?

Yes. The Chinese invented a language and they can write just like we write in English.

This word starts with a P The Chinese invented this to write and draw upon. What is it?

It should be Paper and Papermaking Method, one of the Four Great Inventions of ancient China. 'Paper' written in Chinese is '纸'. And 'papermaking method' can be translated as '造纸术'.

What did the Chinese invent to write and draw upon?


What did Chinese invent to write on?

the Chinese writing was invented 5000 years ago

What did we write with before the fountain pen?

For centuries man has used many types of inks and paints to write with. The Roman's used clay tablets to write on. At Harridans wall historians have found bits of tablets with soldiers pay and supply lists. The ancient Chinese invented paper and used a ink to write on it. Middle Ages had an ink made of soot and oil.

Do you write on tea stained paper before you stain it?

You should write or draw before you stain you paper with tea. That is probably best.