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What did the Duke of Wellington do?

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He defeated Napoleon, became a British Field Marshal and the Prime Minister.

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What is Wellington's full name?

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington"Duke of Wellington" and "The Iron Duke". .

How do you index royalty Duke of Wellington or Wellington Duke of?

No Duke of Wellington has been royalty. You mean either peers or nobility. I've most often seen the following form: Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Which, by the way, is how Wikipedia sorts the Iron Duke.

What are facts about Duke of Wellington?

5 facts about duke of wellingtonHe was a good leaderthere was a duke of Wellington £5 note until 1990Good Fighterwellington boots are named after himDefeated Napoleon at Waterloo

What 6 things named after the 1st Duke of Wellington?

A few of his namesakes include:Wellington, New Zealand.The Vickers Wellesley bomber.The Vickers Wellington bomber.HMS Iron Duke.The 33rd Duke of Wellington Regiment.Wellington College in Berkshire.Wellington Island in India.Beef Wellington.

When was Duke of Wellington - title - created?

Duke of Wellington - title - was created in 1814.

Was the 5th duke of wellington related to the 1st duke of wellington?

Yes, he was (all the Dukes of Wellington, right up to and including the current, living members of the family, were/are related to the first Duke).

Who is Duke of Wellington from Napoleon's time period?

Arthur Wellesley was the Duke of Wellington around Napoleon's time.

Why was Wellington monument built?

it was built as a memorial to the duke of wellington

Who was beef Wellington named after?

I think it's named after the Duke of Wellington.

What nicknames did Wellington Mara go by?

Wellington Mara went by Duke.

Where is Duke Wellington is buried?

Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington died in 1852 and is buried in St Paul's Cathedral.

What did Duke of Wellington invent?

A skyscraper

When did the duke of Wellington die?

The 1st Duke died on the 14th of September 1852.

Who did the Duke of Wellington defeat at Waterloo?


How did the duke of Wellington die?

old age

Who invented Wellingtons?

The Duke Of Wellington Of Course!!!!

Which duke had a boot named after him?

The Wellington Boot.

Did the Duke of Wellington have a tattoo?

not as far as I know.....

What is Duke of Wellington's eponym?

Wellington boots.

Who is the eponym on the Duke of Wellington?

Arthur Wellesley

How did the Duke of Wellington kill Napoleon?

The Duke of Wellington didn't kill Napoleon. He defeated his army at the Battle of Waterloo, but Napoleon lived for many years afterwards.

What buttons would the duke of wellington wear on his red coat uniform?

The Duke of Wellington normally wore a blue coat and it was not part of a uniform as he did not wear one.

What was the real name of the Duke of Wellington?

Arthur Wellesley.

Where did the duke of Wellington defeat napolean?

Waterloo in Belgium.

What was Arthur Wellesley better known as?

The Duke of Wellington