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what did the indians do on typical day at mission san miguel.

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Who helped built the mission San Miguel Archangel?

the Indians helped built the mission San Miguel archangel

What Indians Lived at Mission San Miguel?


Indians jobs at mission San Miguel?

built furniture

What was typical day for the ohlone Indians in mission san Jose?


Who lived in San Miguel mission?

indians,catholic and spanish people x ) i think

What were some of the problems at San Miguel Mission?

mission San Miguel was set on fire

When was Mission San Miguel Arcรกngel created?

Mission San Miguel Arcángel was created on 1797-07-25.

Why was San Miguel arcangel's location chosen?

Why was mission San Miguel location chosen

What did children do at mission San Miguel Arcangel?

what did children do at misson san miguel arcangel

Was the San Miguel mission damaged?


How long did it take to build mission San Miguel arcangel?

when there is a fire the mission san miguel arcangel is renovated by 1663 to 1673

When was the San Miguel Mission?

Mission San Miguel was founded on July 25, 1797. The mission was built in San Miguel, California to be located in between Mission San Antonio and Mission San Luis Obispo. The first mission building, a temporary church built in 1797, was destroyed by fire in 1806. The foundation of the permanent church building was laid in 1816, and the mission was completed in 1821.

What is the nickname for mission San Miguel Arcangel?

no mission has a nickname

What year was mission San Miguel mission founded?


Who was Mission San Miguel Arcangel named after?

Juan Miguel Arcangel

What were the Indians at mission san Rafael arcangel?

the indians from mission san rafael are eastern miwoks

Has the San Miguel mission been moved?


Did mission San Miguel plant beans?


What did the mission san miguel arcangel grow?

i think that mission san miguel arcangel growed different thinks such as cattle,hoss,sheep,andhores

Why does Mission San Miguel have 16 arches?

So they can protect the mission

How did the Indians feel about Mission San Rafael?

how did California Indians adapt to mission san Rafael living.

What was the mission San Miguel Arcangel named after?

it was named after Juan Miguel Arcangel

What is the name of the Mission Indians at mission San Gabriel archangel?

The name of the mission Indians is Gabrieleno-Tongva Indians.

Who founded san Miguel arcangel?

A friar titled Fray Lasuen founded the mission, San Miguel Arcangel.

What did San Miguel Arcangel grow or manufacture?

The tribe that associated with the mission, San Miguel Arcangel, is the Salinan tribe.