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Q: What did the Mojave Peoples traditionally eat?
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In what kind of containers did the Mojave peoples store food?

Much of the pre-surrender history of the Mojave peoples has yet to be revealed and recorded. The spelling of their tribal name has more than fifty variations.

Do the Haida eat shellfish?

yes. traditionally, all coastal first peoples of BC ate shellfish. razor clams, mussels, abalone etc.

What bread do Germans traditionally eat at Christmas?

Germans traditionally eat stollen, a fruited yeast bread, at Christmas.

What animal eats the Mojave Aster?

The Mojave Aster is a desert plant found in southeastern California. It is unknown whether any animals eat this plant.

What food do people eat in the Mojave Desert?

There are a number of major cities and towns in the Mojave Desert where people can purchase almost any food they desire.

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Americans traditionally eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Can a mountain lion eat a Mojave rattlesnake?

i think mountain lions can eat pretty much anything :P

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They eat turkeyAmericans traditionally eat Turkey on thanksgiving.

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Somalian people traditionally eat a bread that is shaped like a pancake that is called canjeero. They also eat plenty of pasta and rice with traditional spices like cumin.

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Don't they eat snails and worms

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peoples skin

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They eat dead peoples body and animals

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Which desert is Mojave in?

The California town of Mojave is in the Mojave Desert.

What foods did the Mojave Indians eat?

Mojave Indians ate mesquite bean pone,squash, and meat.mellon and wattermellon

Do belugas eat peoples?


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what do you eat at pow wows