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Q: What did the Oregon trail do with the wagon at night?
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Did the emigrants ride in the wagon on the Oregon trail?


Is wagon train the same as Oregon trail?

No, but when pioneers were traveling to Oregon on the Oregon Trail they would stay in wagon trains which are a single file line of different families' wagons.

What brought an end to the wagon trails on the Oregon Trail?

it was because the trail ended

Why was the Oregon Trail used?

The trail was one of three routes used by wagon trains for going to Oregon and California.

What are the release dates for The Oregon Trail - 1976 Wagon Race 1-13?

The Oregon Trail - 1976 Wagon Race 1-13 was released on: USA: 1977

What was the year when the first covered wagon arrived in California via the Oregon trail?

The first wagon train on the Oregon Trail moved in 1839-40, but, as the name suggests, they went to Oregon.After 1843, wagons using the California Trail usedt he eastern parts of the Oregon Trail to get to the California Trail.

Names of three famous wagon trails?

Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, and Mormon Trail

Why did families travel in wagon trains in the Oregon trail?

they are stupid

How many pounds can you have in a wagon on the Oregon trail?

12 pounds

What were the Wagon Trails?

The trails were the Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, Old Spanish Trail, the California Trail, and Mormon Trail.

What was the biggest expense for travelers on the Oregon Trail?

A strong covered wagon and animals to pull the wagon.

How much did a wagon coast during the Oregon trail?

*cost. And it depends on the wagon, there are many variables.