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They smelt like ash and burning flesh

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What is the cure for the black plague?

its flowers to get rid of the smell

How did they keep the smell of death away from the plague?

Ring around he rosie...pocket full of posies. As the song says they used posies in their pockets to mask the smell from black death or the plague.

Why is the plague called black plague?

They called it the black death because the plague came from black rats that were infected with the black plague.

What is the name for bubonic plague?

Black Death, Black Plague, the Plague

Why do we call the black plague the black plague?

the bubonic plague (black plague) caused boils, when the person was near death the boils turned black

What are other names for the black plague?

The Plague, The Black Death, The Bubonic Plague

What diseases did you get if you got the black plague?

the black plague

What did they call the black plague back then?

Black plague

What is the smell of spice does it smell like fruit.?

Black people

How does a black widow smell?

Like all spiders the black widow has smell sensors on its legs.

Is black plague infectious?

The Black Plague is a infectious disease.

What is it like having the black death?

having the bubonic plague

Were there other names for the black death?

Answer to "Were there other names for the black death?"Another name for the Black Death is the Black Plague. In the Middle Ages, people called it the "Great Pestilence"' and the "Great Plague." Medieval writers referred to the plague as the "Great Mortality." The term "Black Death" has actually only been used since 1833. AlsoThe names for the 3 different forms of the Black Death were the Bubonic plague, Septicemic plague, and the Pneumonic Plague.Answer to "Were there other names for the black death?"· Great Pestilence · Great Plague· Great Mortality· Black Death· Black Plague· Bubbonic Plague· Septicemic plague· Pneumonic Plague

What was the other name for the bubonic plague?

The Black Death Great Pestilence Great Plague Great Mortality Black Plague Septicemic plague Pneumonic Plague

Is the plague and the black death the same thing?

there are two diferrent types of plague bubonic plague and pneumonic plague but the black death and the plague are the same thing

What does iron filling look like and smell like?

Iron fillings are black and doesn't smell.

Was the black plague the first plague ever?

No, the first plague was the bubonic plague in Rome.ok that person erased my answer. no it was not, the bubonic plague is the same plague, only a different name.The black plague was not the first plague ever. Outbreaks of many diseases in large numbers are called plagues. The black plague is called that because lymph nodes became swollen and black (gangrenous).

What does the black plague attack?

black plague attacks ur heart

What other name was given to the Plague?

the black plague or black death

What is the scientific name for the black plague?

It really depends on what you are talking about, but mostly the bubonic plague was referred to as the black plague.

What was the plague of medieval times?

The black plague

What are some similar events to the black plague?

spreading like a spry

What plague did Giogione die of?

The black plague. The plague was transferred by rats.

Where did the black plague come from?

The black plague started in India and it came from a rat

Who did the Black Plague effect?

At the time, the Black Plague affected everyone in the world.