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Q: What did the colinists mean by new world?
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How did the colinists adat to their new environment?

they had sex

How did tisquantum help the fist colinists in new England?

He taught them how to farm and fish in their new home

Why did the colinists rebell against King George III?

Because King George was treating them so badly when he put taxes on the colinists and controlling the colinists.

Why did people migrate to US between the civil war and world war 1?

the colinists and the native Americans

Who told colinists not to drink tea?

Ben Franklin.

Who won the battle of Lexinigton?

The Colinists won the battle of lexington

What do they mean by the new world and the old world?

they mean the new world is north and south America including the Caribbean . the old world is like Africa Asia and Europe

What does the passage mean?

The new world

What holiday was celebrated for the first time by American colinists?


Why were the colinists against the brithish?

Because of taxation without any representation.

What is a organization of colinists that wrote letters reporting events?

it is called the committee of correspondence

What angered the colinists from the thirteen colonies?

Taxes, stamp act,tea act