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They would not hunt most of the time but usually deer fox or bear.

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Q: What did the colonists hunt for?
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Did colonists hunt for their food?

No but others do!

What did colonists hunt with?

flintlock rifles

Did the colonists hunt?

Yes. They hunted deer, bear and birds.

Who helped the colonists learn how to farm and hunt in Jamestown?

The native americans.

What did colonists use to hunt?

They were hunting whales because the whales had a lot of stuff they needed from the whales.

Why do Makah hunt whales?

They probably hunt whales for the same reason many colonists did back in the old days - blubber and oil. These can be used for heating and insulation.

Who helped Plymouth colony succeed?

Squanto and other Indians taught the colonists how to farm, fish, and hunt.

How were Native Americans treated in colonial Maryland?

The colonists in Maryland were not nice to the Native Americans. The Native Americans taught the colonists how to grow crops, hunt, fish, and travel on water. The colonists did not help the Native Americans socially or economically.

In what ways did the Native Americans help the colonists?

Answerthey taught them how to make food and how to grow food. The colonists didnt know how to plant crops or hunt very well. Native Americans came and taught the colonists how to crop plants such as corn and squash. They also taught colonists about the art of fishing.

What kind of animals did the colonists hunt?

They would basically hunt anything that they could because food wasn't abundant. Animals like fish, deer, squirrels, possums, racoons, and others.

What did colonists use to hunt whales?

They were hunting whales because the whales had a lot of stuff they needed from the whales.

How did the American Indians help the Plymouth colonists survive?

Squanto and Samoset befriended the colonists, and showed the Pilgrims how to grow corn, beans, pumpkins, and where to hunt and fish. They helped the Pilgrims make a treaty with the Wampanoag people.

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