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What did the creek tribe wear?

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Did the creek tribe die out?


Which tribe was the largest in both land ownership and population?

Creek tribe

What did the creek Indians wore?

What did the creek indians wear?

What creek did the Lakota Sioux tribe go to after Sitting Bull died?

Crow Creek

What tribe was the victim of trail of tears?


Where did the Creek Indian tribe live in Alabama?

The Muscogee / Creek tribe held the Eastern, North Eastern, 1/3 of the state. They lived by the river

What did the maidu native American tribe wear?

what did the maidu tribe wear

Who were native Indians of Georgia?

the creek Indians were native to Georgia. The leader of the creek tribe was Tomochichi.

Where did the creek live?

The Creek tribe lived in parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. The Poarch Creek still live in Alabama.

Why do the Kayapo tribe wear what they wear?

For the same reasons you wear what you wear.MOST MEN ON THIS TRIBE WORE NOTHING! THEY WERE NAKIAT.

What is the phone number of the Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe Inc in Stuart Virginia?

The phone number of the Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe Inc is: 276-340-5571.

What kind of clothes did the Flathead tribe wear?

what kind of clothes did the Flatheads tribe wear

What was the creek Indian tribe climate?

the climate was hot and humid

Which native American tribe did Andrew Jackson fight with?

The creek

Where is the Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe Inc in Stuart Virginia located?

The address of the Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe Inc is: Po Box 186, Stuart, VA 24171-0186

What is the clothing of the hupa tribe?

what did the hupa tribe wear?

What kind of clothes did creek Indians wear?

They wear the skins of animals.

What type of government did the Creek tribe have?

They don't have one. They go with the flow.

What were the friendly tribes to Lewis and Clark?

The Yankton Sioux Tribe

What aboriginal tribe was involved in the myall creek massacre?

The Indiginous australians.

What did Chippewa tribe wear?

what did the Chippewa Indians wear?

What did the Maidu tribe wear?

what did the maidu men wear

What did Pocahontas wear?

what did pocahonas wear and her tribe

What did the Tequesta tribe wear?

they loved to wear feathers

What did the ojibwa tribe wear?

The Ojibwe tribe would wear something light and a coat over it. They would also wear deer skin legging!

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