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William Few and Abraham Baldwin were Georgia delegates to the writing of the US constitution.

prewriting, writing, editing.

He was the offical note taker for the convention and kept complete notes of what happened. He also added ideas to the process.

The purpose of the Constitutional Convention was to fix problems in the Articles of Confederation, however, the delegates ended up writing the United States Constitution. The US Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788.

They met in Philadelphia because they wanted to revise the weakened Articles of Confederation. Instead they ended up re-writing the Constitution.

The "Supreme Law of the Land" is the US Constitution.Delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia began writing the US Constitution in May 1787 and created the completed version on September 17, 1787. The Constitution was adopted by the delegates that day, was ratified by the states on June 21, 1788, and became effective March 4, 1789.

he believed with the provisions making the constitution. he was a representitive in the legislative body for delaware, however was very quite most of the time as many other delegates recorded. he was a federalist like many in his country

the framers of the constitution looked to Locke for inspiration when writing the constitution.

There were 574589bvb people involved in writing the constitution! :)

Governor Morris was the man who did the final writing for the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson is probably more famous for the Declaration of Independence. This document is often confused with our constitution. When it comes to the writing of the constitution numerous delegates sent to Pennsylvania to revise the articles of confederation had their hands in that incident. The most famous, however, would probably be James Madison who was considered the "father of the constitution."

Learning to say "writing" and not "writing process."

The Constitutional Convention exceeded its authority in writing a new Constitution and it was feared that if deliberations on a new Constitution were to be found out, the Convention would be dissolved. The Convention was supposed to work out amendments to the Articles of Confederation that would keep that document in effect but improve on its inherent weaknesses. It was soon apparent to the delegates that saving the Articles of Confederation by amendment was hopeless, so they began to create a new form of government entirely. This was a task, the delegates had no authority to do.

The anti federalists said the constitution was an illegal document because they said that the delegates had only been authorized to repair the articles of confederation, not make a new document, so it was not a legal document.

Process writing is working through various stages of writing such as brainstorming, recording and organizing.

The importance of the writing process is that it is a step by step process to make you a great writer.

The final stage of the writing process is Publishing.

The last stage in the writing process is Publishing.

The writing process has been compared to giving birth.

He believes that the primary motivation for writing the constitution was political.

The stages of the writing process are prewriting, writing a draft, revising, editing & Proofreading, and Publishing.

The stages of the writing process are prewriting, writing a draft, revising, editing & Proofreading, and Publishing.

Be careful of extraneous words: it is called "writing" not "the writing process."

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