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they traded berries corn and buffalo skin

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Q: What did the kickapoo trade?
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What did kickapoo trade?

they traded berries corn and buffalo skin

When was Lake Kickapoo created?

Lake Kickapoo was created in 1947.

What did kickapoo hunt?

all i know is that kickapoo is a place in Wisconsin

Where is the town of Kickapoo located?

Kickapoo is a town in Vernon County, Wisconsin.

Who was the Kickapoo's chief?

The Kickapoo chief name was gull he was a good leader

What is the area of Lake Kickapoo?

The area of Lake Kickapoo is 25.091 square kilometers.

When was Kickapoo Joy Juice created?

Kickapoo Joy Juice was created in 1965.

Which of these tribes was the Sac and Sox closely related to Kickapoo or Pawnee?

kickapoo cheyenne pawnee

Did the kickapoo Indians use weapons?

kickapoo indians

What is the difference between Mountain Dew and Kickapoo?

mountain dew is a drink and kickapoo is a tribe

What languages are spoken by Kickapoo Indians?

Today the Kickapoo people speak English, Spanishand the Kickapoo language.The Kickapoo language is an Algonquian language closely related to that of the Sauk and Fox. They are classified with the Central Algonquians, and are also related to the Illinois Confederation.

When was Kickapoo State Recreation Area created?

Kickapoo State Recreation Area was created in 1939.