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Corn, squash, beans

They hunted for deer, elk, and turkeys

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How did the Lenape get their food?

how did the lenape tribe get their food

What food did the Lenape Grew?

what did the lenape foods grow

What natural redources did the lenape use for food shelter?

For food, the Lenape tribe used crops like corn, beans, and squash. For shelter, the Lenape used grass, tree bark, and probably dirt.

How did the Lenape Indians prepare food?

cooking it

What is the lenape indian's main source of food?

It is how the lenape start making things and we start making things right

How did the lenape Indians find there food?

they found there food by hunting and they grew food by planting

What did the lenape Indians hunt for food?

they hunted elk,deerand turky

What did the Lenape do for food in the winter?

I learned that they ate pemmican. That's all:)

What languages were spoken by Lenape Indians?

The Lenape spoke Lenape Languagealso known as Unami.

What continent did the lenape Indians come from?

Many historians believe that theLenape Indians came from the continent of Asia by foot because Asia and North America where connected at the time and they were looking for food.

What native Americans were originally in Delaware?

the Lenape. the Lenape.

How did the lenni lenape get their name?

where did the lenape got their names

Did the Europeans use the lenni lenape Indians as slaves?

Lenni Lenape were slave owners! In fact Europeans looked down on selling them to the lenni Lenape because they were cannibals. Just as likely to eat a slave once he got old or food was short. This is one of the reasons they called them savages.

What is the food of a plant?

CHROLLOPHYL-is the food of the plant

What is the best plant food for grass?

The best plant food for grass is schultz plant food.

What religion did the lenni lenape tribe have?

they had ceremonies like for example they ate some type of food etc.

Is there a difference between plant food and vegetable food?

yes, vegetable is designed for vegetable, plant food is designed for plant food

A plant makes its food in its?

A plant makes its food in its

What is food processing plant in a plant cell?

The food processing plant in a cell is the Chloroplast

Where does plant get their food from and how is it tranfree to the plant?

It gets food from the sun

What is the food manurfacturing plant?

A plant "prepares" its food in the leaf

How do plant store their food?

plant store their food in their leaves

When was Lenape High School created?

Lenape High School was created in 1958.

What other names are the Lenape known as and what is their meaning?

the other name for lenape is lenni lenape thier meanings is original people of mid-atlantic area.

Do plant cells help make the plants make food?

Yes, plant cells do help the plant make food. There are certain cells in the plant that help the plant produce food.

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