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The Torah gives two descriptions (Exodus ch.16 and Numbers ch.11): like a wafer dipped in honey, and like dough cooked in oil (a doughnut). The Talmud explains that the first verse refers to the manna eaten uncooked, and the second verse is talking about the manna when cooked.

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Q: What did the manna taste like?
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What does the bible say the manna taste like?

The Bible says that it taste like sweet cakes. Specifically, the taste of it was like wafers made with honey.( Exodus 16:31)

What food did God rain down from heaven on the Israelites?

Exodus 16:31 - And the house of Israel called its name Manna*. And it was like white coriander seed, and the taste of it was like wafers made with honey. [NKJV]* manna means "what is it?"

Is there a recipe for manna?

There is no recipe for manna, as manna came from heaven.

What is religious mania?

Manna appeared on the ground with the evaporation of a layer of dew that developed in the morning, so that "upon the surface of the wilderness there was a fine flaky thing, fine like hoarfrost upon the earth." Manna was "white like coriander seed" and had the "look" of bdellium gum, a waxlike and transparent substance having a form that resembles a pearl. Its taste was comparable to "that of flat cakes with honey" or "an oiled sweet cake." After being ground in a hand mill or pounded in a mortar, manna was boiled or made into cakes and baked. The psalmist referred to manna as "the grain of heaven" .

Is there any connection between communion wafers and manna?

No. Communion wafers are unleavened bread. Manna was reputed to be like honey

What does manna look like in the Bible?

The manna that the Israelites ate in the wilderness were small, circular, unleavened wafers that tasted like honey. This is a reminder of the Promised Land which awaited.

Can you make a sentence using 'manna'?

If you mean manna in the biblical sence that it was 'holy food' - "God sent manna from heaven"

Where did manna come from?

manna came from heaven

Why do you have a piece of manna?

We have manna during communion.

Is there any evidence that manna could be mushrooms?

I don't know. But the bible says that it was like white coriander seed, which is smaller than most mushrooms and tasted like honey made with wafers. Most mushrooms taste kind of earthy.

What rhymes with manna?

The word nana rhymes with manna.

What type of sacrament is manna?

The manna was a type of the Eucharist

Is manna still in the desert?

No. There is no manna in the desert now.

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My mother gave me a great manna for my birthday.

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