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The Native American kids went to Spanish school in the Church room where they learned the Spanish Ways of life.

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2014-01-23 04:06:51
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Q: What did the native American children do at missions?
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What did Native American children do?

the native american children did not go to school ,they tought the dogs to hunt

What contributed to the success of spanish missions in California?


What did the native American children at mission san juan capistrano?

what did native American children do at mission san juan capistrano

Who lived at the missions?

There were several groups at the missions. The priests were at the missions, Native American tribes( once they converted they weren't allowed to leave), and 5-6 soldiers. The Native Americans were often mistreated by both the priests and the soldiers.

What was junipero serras goal?

His goal was to build missions in California and to convert the Native Americans living there. The Native Americans were treated very cruelty by him and abused. At many of the missions mass Native American graves were found by historians.

What did they do with the native American children?

they played tag

What where the native American children jobs?


What supporters of assimilation attempt to teach Native American children?

the nineteenth century supposrters of assimilation attempted to teach native american children the european-american ways

How were the missions started?

The missions were started when Mexicans wanted to teach and civilize Native American Indians in California. The person who started the missions was Junipera Serra, known as Father Serra.

How were the native Americans treated at the mission santa ines?

The California mission Native Americans were not treated very well. They were beaten and forced to live at the missions. They did all the work. Historians have found mass Native American graves at missions.

What effects did the missions have on native Americans?

The missions didn't help the Native Americans. Many were killed by the priests and put into mass graves ( the graves are still there), they were not allowed to practice their cultural rites or to speak native languages, and they were required to work at the mission. I think even worse than the mission system was the government Native American schools. Children were taken from their parents and tribe to live at the schools. They were not allowed to speak native languages or learn the traditional things about their tribe.

What are facts about the Native American Geronimo Stilton?

Geronimo Stilton is the name of a children's book character - he is a mouse, not a Native American.

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