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What did the northern factories make during the Civil War?

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The factories made textiles, ships, and guns. These are the most important things the factories made because it greatly improved the chances they had in winning the war.

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Who had the most power during civil war?

The north. The north had more factories to make weapons. The north also won the Civil War.

What did factories make before the civil war?


What did the southern factories make in the Civil War?

There were very few southern factories but they did the same as the north.

Did the north wear homespun uniforms because they had no factories to make cloth during the civil war?

no, that would be the south, they didn't war homespun and they had the factories. south didnt have these. yea. as u can see, the north at that time was all about industry and factories and the south was all about plantations and slaves labor.

In 1860 where were most factories were located?

In the USA, in the northern States that were to make up the Union.

What was the main jobs in the factories in the south during civil war?

The cotton-growing South had to improvise an industrial base in a hurry. They built armaments factories, steelworks and shipyards to make all kinds of war-supplies that they were unable import because of the blockade.

How did the union make money during the civil war?

The Union made money from selling products from factories and having control of the Mississippi River, made money many other ways too...

During the Industrial Revolution what did the first factories make?

Textiles this answer is no longer in need of improvement.

Northern factories produced and profited from which of these?

The Civil War was actually won by the North because of its' ability to make plenty of ammunition and cannon and other supplies. The South could not keep up. They even scrounged battlefields to find spent ammunition to remake them.

Why was fewer factories disadvantage during and after the war?

Factories are needed to make goods. During the war they made uniforms, supplies, guns, weapons and other necessary items. After the war they were needed to create the things needed to rebuild.

What are food factories that make food?

food factories

Why were factories created in San Francisco during the industrial revolution?

Factories in San Francisco were not particularly different from factories anywhere else. Factories are used to make things efficiently. If you want to make a large quantity of any particular product, chances are a factory is going to help you to do it. If you just want to make a small quantity of something, sometimes you can do it yourself at home. But not always. Some things are really difficult to make.

How did the south make money during the civil war?

By farming

Did women make weapons during the civil war?


Did the US make coins during the civil war?

Yes we did.

How did privateers make profits during the civil war?


What the Northern Strategy in the Civil War?

The northern strategy was to over fight the south and make them think the north can win and will and that there will be no surprise attacks over cotton aswell>

What impact did the railroads have on the factory system during the Industrial Revolution?

It allowed factories to make goods more cheaply.

What did the us factories make during world war 2?

Ammunition, weapons, uniforms, medicines, food, etc

What contributions did Jefferson make to the south during the civil war?


During the civil war northerns who wanted to make peace with the south at any cost were called?

during the civil war northerns who wanted to make peace with south at any cost were called copperheads

Which job did Frederick Douglass have during the US Civil War?

During the Civil War Frederick Douglass worked as an enlistment officer and encouraged President Lincoln to make Emancipation an issue in the Civil War. By:Kooldj :)

Where do they make iPod?

They make ipods in factories

What best describes the economics of the north and south during the civil war?

North - a thriving industrial economy, with factories working flat-out to make war-supplies, with full freedom to import and export, and new immigrants arriving from urope, bringing useful skills with them. South - a single-product economy, dependent on cotton exports, which were prevented by the Northern blockade, almost no industrial manufacturing, and a currency that depreciated to virtually nothing.

How did the union make paper during the civil war?

The same way as now.