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The better treatment was straw mattresses with only a thin blanket. The worst was a concrete floor. They also had to sleep on pallets that approximately six people would sleep on.

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Q: What did the prisoners sleep on at the concentration camps during the Holocaust?
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How much sleep did prisoners get in concentration camps during the holocaust?

2 hours

What were the four major concentration camps during the holocaust?

The 4 major Concentration Camps during the Holocaust were:AuschwitzTreblinkaBelzecSobibor

Who built the concentration camps during the holocaust?

Actual construction was mainly done by the prisoners themselves, supervised by the SS.

How was Americans involved with the holocaust?

Americn soldiers freed prisoners in concentration camps.

How were whips used in the Holocaust?

They were used on prisoners in concentration camps, sometimes in the face!

What do xrays have to do with the holocaust?

They experimented with xrays on the prisoners in the concentration camps. Mostly at Auschwitz.

Did they have consatration camps in the holocaust?

Concentration camps were very common during and before the Holocaust.

What were the people made to work hard at concentration camps during holocaust called?

criminals, inmates, prisoners - take your pick.

What groups were sent to concentration camps?

The groups that were sent to the concentration camps during the holocaust were Jews, Roma (gypsies), homosexuals, Soviet prisoners of war, Jehovah's Witnesses and many others.

What were the 2 main types of Concentration Camps during the Holocaust?

The main types of Concentration Camps were Concentration Camps and Extermination Camps.

How many prisoners got sent to concentration camps in World War 2?

It's estimated that about 14.5 Million People were sent to the concentration camps during the Holocaust. About 13 Million out of the lot were killed in the Camps.

What were Holocaust concentration?

There were concentration camps in the Holocaust. The concentration camps were basically work/death camps.

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