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Q: What did the queen of england give sir walter raleigh for finding the colony of virginia?
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Who find the Virginia colony?

Walter Raleigh

Who founded the Virginia colony?

sir Walter Raleigh

What colony is named after Sir Walter Raleigh?

The State of Virginia

Why did sir walter Raleigh explore virginia?

Sir Walter Raleigh explored Virginia in search of wealth and resources for England. He hoped to establish a colony that would provide valuable commodities such as gold, silver, and other natural resources. Additionally, he aimed to increase England's power and influence in the New World.

Who was chosen by Sir Walter Raleigh to head a second expedition to America and govern the colony of Virginia?

Raleigh chose John White (c. 1540-1583), an English artist and gentleman, to lead the colony. The settlement founded at Roanoke, Virginia, disappeared mysteriously between 1587 and 1591, while White was organizing supplies in England.

Who founded England's first colony?

Sir Walter Raleigh

Who was the first one to find new England colony?

Sir Walter Raleigh was the 1st to find the New England colony.

What year did England establish the colony Virginia?

England established Virginia is 1607.

Who founded England's first American colony?

Sir Walter Raleigh

Where did sir Walter Raleigh go?

Raleigh din't really explore much, he was more interested in creating a colony in the New World (America). He is well known for the dissapearance of the Roanoke colony and the mystery of the 'Croatoan" message carved into a tree. Most of his pursuits were around Virginia and the New England are of the colonies.

What was england's first colony?


What was Sir Walter Raleigh's role in establishing his settlement in the new world?

The Virginia Colony