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Q: What did the supreme court do with NRA and AAA during the 30s?
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Did the supreme court strike down the AAA and NIRA as unconstitutional?

Yes, the Supreme Court struck down the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) and the NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act) as unconstitutional in separate cases. In 1936, the Court ruled that the AAA violated the Constitution by regulating agricultural production, and in 1935, it declared the NIRA unconstitutional for giving the executive branch excessive power.

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Why did the Supreme Court declare the AAA program unconstitutional?

because it was not approved by the United States Congress

Who declared some of the new deal legislation unconstitutional resulting in the nullification of both the nira national industrial recovery act and the aaa agricultural adjustment act?

The Supreme Court

Are weekly AAA meetings admissible in court?

AA meetings can be admissible in court. If they are court ordered or relevant to an issue or evidence, then it usually is admissible.

Did President Truman use a court-packing plan which involved the Supreme Courts trust of the AAA and NRA?

No. The President who attempted a court-packing plan to protect his New Deal legislation was Franklin D. Roosevelt, in his proposed Judiciary Reorganization Bill of 1937.For more information on President Roosevelt, court-packing and New Deal legislation, see Related Questions, below.

What did the AAA do during the great depression?

the AAA meant the agricultural , adjustment , act.

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Which two New Deal programs did the Supreme Court rule unconstitutional?

The National Recovery Administration and the Agricultural Adjustment Agency, both part of the New Deal, were accused of being unconstitutional. Small business owners felted disadvantaged by big businesses, who had a part in the drafting of the NRA's codes. Organized labor was upset because they were effectively shut out. In the Supreme Court case Schecter vs. United States, the agency was ruled as unconstitutional. The Agricultural Adjustment Agency was accused of hurting southern tenant farmers (Sharecroppers) in the south. Cotton planters took the federal money, removed the land from production then displaced the sharecroppers. In the case of United States vs. Butler, the court ruled the AAA was unconstitutional as well.

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