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What did women do in WWI?

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Well, Women join in volunteer war service such as nursing army service or Red Cross. Women who were at the home front knited socks or cloths to soliders. Some of them began to do men job such as truck driver. The important role of women were to encourage men to enlist to the war.

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This is a positive or negative changed for women and why.?

in wwi

Which world wars did women work in?

WWII mabye a little in WWI

What were the gains made by women during ww1?

Before WWI men worked and women had few jobs, but when WWI came all the men had to go to war and the women took over their jobs. Some example of jobs were store clerks or factory workers.

When did the US women get the right to vote?

The 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. Women had the right to vote in the year 1919.

What awards were women presented with because of their help in world war 1?

Women were not allowed to serve in the militaryduring WWI

How did US involvement in World War 1 affect women and African Americans?

During WWI many men had to leave their jobs and go to war. With a shortage of men, many women and African Americans had ot take over their jobs. WWI brought many women into the workforce and showed that women African Americans worked hard too.

National war labor board?

I think it let women work when men where off at war in WWI. There where no men to work so women got to.

How did women get the right to vote after World War 1?

Women already had the vote in some places by the time WWI finished. In the Pitcairn Island already since 1838. But also, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Norway, Canada and Denmark. In other countries women had long worked for it, but WWI had shown everone how essential women were and many other countries also finally gave women the vote.

What were the opportunities for women after World War 1?

During WWI new factory jobs were opened and filled with women. Not only that it became known as the 19th Amendment when women had the right to vote.

Is there a book about world war 1 for women?

You could look at 'Testament of Youth' by Vera Britten, who was a nurse in WWI.

How did women served in the armed forces durning the war?

Same as WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam: Nurses & Administration.

Why did the Roman Catholic Church strongly resist suffrage for women during the 1940s?

Women in the U.S. received the right to vote after WWI. What exactly are you referring to during the 1940s?

What was the role of women during WWI?

women played a very important role during world war 1. While men were out fighting in the war, women went out of the homes to the mills to help in the production process.

How did women gain greater freedom in the 1920's?

By having demonstrated their ability to manage things during WWI.

How did Americans help in the war effort in WWI?

same way they did in ww2. the women worked in factorys and the men went to the front.

What happened to the birthrate in the 1920s and why?

It shot down because of the demand of troops in WWI causing a decrease in men to fertilize women.

Who was the famous women?

there were 2 famous women during WWI and there names were Nellie Tayloe Ross and the other w omens name was Miriam Ferguson. They impacted the war because they were American government women to vote in Wyoming

How did ww1 affect womens suffrage?

During WWI, the suffragettes decided to stop protesting for the vote for women, and instead help with the war movement. Although women were not allowed at the front to fight, they instead mainly worked for the war at home. Many trained as nurses, while others drove ambulances etc. Women in Britain proved themselves during the four years of WWI, and it was mainly why they got the Vote for women over 30 in 1920.

Who won wwi?

The allied Powers won WWI

What does WWI stand for?

"WWI" is an abbreviation for "World War I."

When did wwi begin?

WWI began 28 July 1914.

When did the US join WWI?

The US joined WWI in the spring of 1917

Whose assassination sparked WWI?

The assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria.

Who were the women involved in World War 1?

Some of the women involved in WWI were Maria Bochkareva, Kati Dadeshkeliani, Violet Douglas-Pennant, Katharine Furse, Helen Gwynne-Vaughan, Dorothy Lawrence, Flora Sandes, and Marina Yurlova. These women were administrators in the war.

What kind of jobs did the women do during the world war 1?

During the time of WWI, it was uncommon for women to work outside of the home. By the time WWII rolled around, women were working in factories, ship yards, and many other formerly men only jobs.