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No comparison. One was a war; one wasn't.

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Q: What did world war 2 and the cold war have in common?
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What does cold war and war war 2 have in common?

World War Two was an origin of the Cold War.

Did World War 2 happen before the cold war?

Yes, the Cold War was after World War 2

Why do you call the era World War 2 the Cold war?

Do you mean, "Why was the era AFTER world war 2 called the cold war?" Because no one calls the era of WW2 the cold war.

How was the cold war different from World War 1 and World War 2?

Cold war never broke out into an actual war.

Is world war 2 also known as the cold war?

No. The Cold War came after.

Was the Cold War anything close to World War 2?

Yes. World War 2 ended in 1945, and the Cold War started in 1947-48.

What war began after World War 2?

cold war

Communisms affect on the world after World War 2?

The cold war.

What was the result of world peace in world war 2?

Cold War

Compare the cold war with World War 2?

Cold War=No shooting WWII=Shooting

Was world war 2 the cause of the Vietnam war?

The cold war was.

What was the War of Words after World War 2?

It was called The Cold War.

Is World War I Cold War?

World War 1 was not a cold war because of all the people that died the only time that there has been a cold war was after world war 2 and that was before the Korean war happened i hope this helps

What was the problem after World War 2?

After WW2, there was the Cold War.

What was that conflict following world war 2?

The Cold War .

Did the cold war take place in World War 2?


What were major events after World War 2?

Cold War.

What does the cold war and World War 2 have to do with the fall of the Berlin wall?

The Berlin Wall is important to World War 2 and the Cold War because is stopped the flood of Germans into West Berlin.

What post world war 2 event officially began the cold war?

After the world war 2 each superpower attempted to extend it's influence , quickly leading to a cold war.

How did the Cold War impact the world after World War 2?

the cold war affected everyone greatly due to the large threat of nuclear warfare

Was the cold war during World War 1 and world war 2?

no only during ww2

What were the repercussions of World War 2?

The atomic age, and the cold war.

When did the Cold War begin atfer the World War 2?


What era in history followed World War 2?

Cold War

What changed after the World War 2?

Well the Cold war came about...