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Stalin didn't like Fascists and Mensheviks along with the Jews, Ukrainians, and many, many others as he became steadily more despotic, paranoid and psychotic. His death-toll greatly exceeded that of Adolf Hitler.
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Did the Russians like Joseph Stalin?

Not all of them. Some, who were opponents of earlier communist regimes did, but others viewed him as a tyrant. Others thought that if he hadn't been the leader of the USSR, World War II might not have been won and that he was a good leader. And yes, he led purges against his own people.

What were the career goals of Joseph Stalin?

Stalin realized that his country was going no where unless it industrialized. And that is just what he did, he made over 75% of the farms collective and made much industry communal. This all did help Russia prosper, however, Stalin was a very paranoid man, and had a secret police. By the end of Stal ( Full Answer )

Who was Joseph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin (Ioseb Dzhughashvili 1878-1953) was the leader of theUSSR (Russia) from 1924 to 1953. After World War 2, he wanted tospread Communism across Europe but was opposed by the US and Europeduring the "Cold War". He was considered ruthless in his treatment of his politicalenemies, especiall ( Full Answer )

What did Joseph Stalin do?

Joseph Stalin, did lots of bad things! such as...... killed loads of kulaks(farmers who extended thier farms) because they were not making enough food.. practally killed everyone!

Did Russia like Joseph Stalin?

Yes, when he died, a scene similar to the death of Kim Jong Ill orMao happened where many people cried in the streets etc... Manypeople credit him with leading the Russia from backwards to asuperpower.

What was Joseph Stalin?

He was the leader of Russia (USSR) from 3 April 1922 - 5 March 1953.

What did Joseph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin killed 56,000,000 people (7,000 men, 7,000 soldiers and 42,000 women and children) his children and wife killed them selfs and the soviet unions dictator.

Who was Joseph Stalin and what did he do?

He was the leader(s) of the USSR from 1924 to 1953. He led the USSR through World War 2 and industrilaized the USSR. He also effectively started the Cold War. Joseph Stalin, did lots of bad things! such as..... . killed millions of kulaks(farmers who extended their farms)because they were not maki ( Full Answer )

Where was Joseph Stalin from?

Gori, Georgia He was from the small town of Gori, Georgia, which was not part of Russia itself. It had been a separate state that was annexed by Russia into its empire. Georgians were a separate culture from the Russians. They had their own language and alphabet. Stalin had to learn the Russian la ( Full Answer )

Joseph Stalins ideas?

Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin, also known as Joseph Stalin, was bornIoseb Besarionis Dze Jugashvili in what is now known as the countryof Georgia. The ideas that he championed were authoritariangovernment, communism, and anti-Semitism. He also believed thatrule by terror was the only way to keep the c ( Full Answer )

What nationality was Joseph Stalin?

Stalin was Georgian by birth, having been born in the town of Gori, Georgia. Stalin's birth name was Dzhughashvili a decidedly non Russian name. He spoke Russian with a thick Georgian accent. Part of the reason he adopted the name Stalin was so that his Georgian last name would not be so obvious.

What was Joseph Stalin most famous for?

Joseph Stalin was famous for leading the post war efforts of USSRreconstruction. Most of his policies were socialist. During histime, the cold war era started.

How popular was Joseph Stalin?

He was, according to polls, more liked than disliked. Although this is true, opinions usually held no middle ground. You either very much supported Stalin or you very much didn't support him.

How did Joseph Stalin change the world?

Stalin was key in the beginning of the Cold War. He also was probably a main reason the Germans didn't win the war, and therefore made a huge difference there.

What was Joseph Stalin vision for his country?

In the medium term, a powerful state capable of standing up to any opponent and united under the firm leadership of the Communist Party, led of course by J Stalin. In the very long term he probably envisaged an egalitarian society at peace with a like-minded world, but the detail of his aspirations ( Full Answer )

Why did Joseph Stalin confiscate grain?

Joseph Stalin confiscated grain in order to export as much grain aspossible to get as much international trade credit as he possiblycould. This income would then fuel his plan to industrialize Russiaunder his Five Year Plans. Grain was also confiscated grain fromthe peasants to feed his factory work ( Full Answer )

Who did Joseph Stalin kill?

Every one who was against his rule. This included 3 to 60 million people. People he deported to prison camps to people he just executed because of their beliefs.

How cruel was Joseph Stalin?

There are many people who argue that Joseph Stalin was animpossibly cruel man. He put the lives of many at risk for his ownbenefit.

Why was Joseph Stalin so cruel?

I THINK Joseph Stalin was cruel because of his messed up childhood. When he was a kid he was not only totally poor, but lost all of his siblings...even though that's no reason to not care about anything and just kill people when you feel like it!!!

Is joseph Stalin a good leader?

Joseph Stalin was a good leader of USSR, however, he was cold-blooded and killed a lot of person in order to become the leader of USSR. He did led russia against Hitler and won though, even though he is a good man, too many blood was shed because of him.

How did Joseph Stalin improve Russia?

He defeated Hitler and the Nazis, he made the country of poor peasant farmers into one of industrial manufacturing. He also introduced Communism which does have some positives.

Why didn't Truman trust Stalin?

Truman did not like Russian in general, but he didn't trust Stalin because Stalin made it clear that the USSR will control Eastern Europe countries.

What was Joseph Stalin plans as ruler?

his plans were to keep everybody under control and to do what he says. also to be lieve what he said about people and trust him at all times and everything will be great if his people trusted him.....duhh who asked this stupid question anyway

Why should you remember Joseph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin revolutionized the Soviet Union, and was extremely key in the defeat of Germany during the Second World War. His effects are still seen today. Russia modern day youth has found a strong liking for Stalin. And had Germany won the war, it would undoubtfully be a very different place. H ( Full Answer )

What benefit came from Joseph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin was a paranoid, egomaniacal mass murderer. He may be the second biggest mass murderer in history. Nothing he did was good.

Was Joseph Stalin a minister?

No, but he studied for the Russian Orthodox priesthood at the Tiflis Spiritual Seminary for a short time.

Joseph Stalin ruled russia and was a?

Joseph Stalin was a tyrant that seemed to take pleasure in killing and taking more control. He was said to "rule with an iron fist."

Why was Joseph Stalin liked?

There were many factors that led people to like Stalin. The main one was probably the 'cult of personality'. This meant he could manipulate how he was seen as a leader through images, films, poems etc( which were only allowed if they glorified him) and thus fool people into thinking he was a good le ( Full Answer )

Did Joseph Stalin like war?

I believe Josef Stalin loved war. He was ruthless when he fought against the Germans. He was a killer of his own people. He showed little remorse or grief over his 10 million people who were killed, but he really enjoyed seeing the Germans punished and stealing the Eastern European countries for him ( Full Answer )

What were facts about Joseph Stalin?

i once heard that he had a secret shelter underneath somewhere in russia because he suffered from paranoia and kept the shelter to protect himself if he was going to lose the war!

Why was Joseph Stalin a war leader?

Joseph Stalin was the absolute dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and he was attacked by Germany. He defended his country.

Why was Joseph Stalin feared?

A quote attributed to Stalin was translated as "Allodoxophobia is the fear of opinions. I prefer my people to be loyal out of fear rather than conviction. Convictions can change but fear remains." In any event, Stalin's supporters had nearly total control of the Soviet Union, and those who opposed ( Full Answer )

Why was Joseph Stalin a bad leader?

No he was not. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (1878 - 1953) was a great leader. He had great leadership skills and through him, the Soviets managed to stop Hitler and the Nazis almost single handedly. He was a man of steel. A man with a future. He led the Soviets through dark times, making great agric ( Full Answer )

Why was Joseph Stalin named leader?

Joseph Stalin was not named leader, Lenin named him one of a groupof rulers of the USSR. Past that, he gained his power over theSoviet Union through A Divide and Conquer strategy. If thatstrategy failed, he used his position as the Secretary of theCommunist Party to weed out dissenters that did not ( Full Answer )

Was Joseph Stalin assassinated?

There is a possibility that four high ranking members of Stalin's government poisoned Stalin for fear that Stalin's paranoia was getting out of control and they might be removed from their positions and either exiled, imprisoned or executed. Supposedly they secretly gave him medication to induce a s ( Full Answer )

Did Joseph Stalin believe in Jesus?

It's hard to say, of course, only in his childhood and when he studied at theological seminary. But the main answer - NO.

Why didn't Stalin and Hitler like each other?

They didn't. They used each other. Stalin had long term plans tohave Hitler eliminate the intelligentsia of Europe as he had donein Russia. Hitler approved of all the methods of Russian genocide that hadbeen going on for years and actually sent people to Russia to learnhow to build concentration ca ( Full Answer )

Why did the US support Joseph Stalin?

If you are reffering to during WW2, if was simply because they were on the same side. They were fighting the same enemy and the Americans very much needed the Soviets as they were holding up the whole Eastern Front all by themselves.

Did Joseph Stalin have any education?

Yes he did. He studied at the Gori Spiritual school and then at the Tiflis Spiritual Seminary. He was going to be a priest according to his mother's wishes. As a young man, Stalin even published some poetry.

What is a favorite quote by Joseph Stalin?

There'll be a parade on our street too. Two more are: "Death solves all problems. No man. No problem." and, regarding torture: "Beat, beat and beat again."

Why is Joseph Stalin a bad person?

he had thousands of prisoners basically slaves working in labour camps and factories in which many people died. he let millions of Russians starve. also had the Nazis not invaded russia his army would of continued into the rest of Europe as they already did in eastern Europe

Why was Joseph Stalin racist?

Joseph Stalin specifically was not the classic definition of "racist", wherby one ascribes superiority or inferiority to racial divisions in an organized manner. Yet, his "racism" was just as racially-biased, but more so on social class than on ethnicity. Rather, what Joseph Stalin was averse to, mu ( Full Answer )