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Q: What differences do you notice between this passage and contemporary prose?
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What are the differences between a poster and a notice?

a notice is the size of a letter (8"x11") a poster is much bigger

What major differences should you notice between the left and right lung on a fetal pig?

right lung

What differences did you notice in the dough?

its notice is i love u 096652287441

What are the differences that you noticed among the mottoes that you collect?

I do not collect mottoes so I did not notice any differences.

What is the difference between notice to vacate and notice of eviction?

what is the diffrence between a notice to vacate and a eviction

What is the difference between a PSP and a PSP lite?

I belive you mean the psp 2000 and 3000 or the psp slim and psp slim and light. The differences are numerious but the main differences are, the screen has a higher resolution, the console is alot lighter and you do notice, the colour difference is amazing.

What are the differences between indictment or information or complaint or citation or violation notice pleadings?

See the below link - although it is in response to an entirely different question - it is an excellent and comprehensive answer to this question as well.

Can stars have different colors?

Stars do have different colours. If you look carefully, you will see that there are differences between the colours of stars. Some are very different in colour to others, but you will only notice if you look at them carefully.

What is butling stringed instrument?

it is more likely with the instrument kudyapi but with slight differences which is hardly notice.

What differences do you notice between the colors in the foreground and the colors in background?

Often background colours won't be as bright as those in the foreground. They are sometimes fuzzier and more blended and you don't see the difference in cloud as easily.

What are the differences between labels and placards?

A placard is a notice mounted, on a board and can be lifted to show a protest for instance. a label can be attached to luggage, parcels anything like that or to show what is in a box, and is small, a placard is usually large

What is the difference between the words news and notice?

The difference between the words news and notice is that news pertains to something that is currently, or just happened. Notice is information about something that has already happened, or been decided.