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What different kinds of asthma are there?

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1. Exercise-Induced Asthma

Exercise can make asthma symptoms worse. This is called exercise-induced asthma. Exercise can cause asthma symptoms in up to 80 percent of people with asthma. Treatment and monitoring can allow people with exercise-induced asthma to participate fully in the physical activity or exercise of their choice.

2. Nocturnal Asthma

Worsening of asthma at night is very common. Many factors may contribute to the increased symptoms, including:

- Exposure to allergens in the bedroom, particularly dust mites

- Delayed allergic response, which may occur three to eight hours after exposure

- Chronic sinus problems and/or post-nasal drip

- Gastroesophageal reflux

- Airway cooling from a drop in body temperature

- Decreased effect of medications during early morning hours

- Sleep apnea - brief, repetitive cessation of breathing during sleep caused by an upper airway obstruction

3.Occupational Asthma/Workplace Irritants

Workplace exposure to certain chemicals or dusts can induce asthma. Some chemicals act as sensitizers, inducing allergic reactions in the airways. Once the airways become sensitized to a specific chemical, even very small amounts can make asthma worse. Other substances, such as dusts, are airway irritants, causing symptoms in employees who have underlying asthma or who are exposed to high concentrations.

4.Steroid Resistant Asthma

Airway inflammation and immune activation plays an important role in chronic asthma. Current guidelines of asthma therapy have therefore focused on the use of anti-inflammatory therapy, particularly inhaled glucocorticoids (GCs). While the majority of patients respond to regular inhaled GC therapy, a subset of patients are poorly responsive even when treated with high doses of oral prednisone. This review will examine the mechanisms underlying steroid resistant (SR) asthma.

  • Check out According to this site, there are two types of asthma - allergic and non-allergic. Interesting reading and helpful links as well. The best source of information is a physician (preferably a pulmonologist) & their nurses.

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