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What dimension comes first when describing the size of a work of art?


When describing a documents measurements which dimension is listed first the width or the height?


When was the first 3 dimension television made?

the first 3 dimension Television was made in 1946

Can Intellectual property products be durable?

Yes; the first example that comes to mind is a sculpture.

What is the 3rd dimension?

The third (3rd) dimension is depth. The first is length, the second is height

How old is the Dell Dimension 4550?

The Dell Dimension 4550 first appeared to public in early 2003.

What dimension was the universe at the first instant of the big bang?

It is unsure because when the big bang explode, space's dimension is expanding, which means the dimension will go on forever.

How many lines are there in the first dimension?

Just one.

What were the dimension of a first class room square meters?


Which are the eleven dimensions in universe?

The first dimension is primary (length). The second dimension is secondary (width). The third dimmension is tertiary (height). Those are the 3 basic spatial dimensions. The fourth dimension is time. The fifth dimension is the rotation of primary. The sixth dimension is the rotation of secondary (and primary). The seventh dimension is the rotation of tertiary (secondary and primary). The eighth dimension is the pulse of time. The ninth dimension is the energy radiation of primary. The tenth dimension is the energy radiation of secondary. The eleventh dimension is the energy radiation of tertiary. In total there are 10 spatial dimensions and 1 time dimension, in other words, 11 spacetime dimensions.

What is the first dimension?

In its simplest form: a line describes one dimension, a plane describes two dimensions, and a cube describes three dimensions.

First property after go in monopoly?

The first property after Go is Mediterranean Avenue.

Is there a second dimension?

well, surprisingly, no. because there is no first dimension there is no 2nd. because with how thin the 1st o 2nd diminution is it still has length or width

How do you count to two?

First you have to enter a different dimension. Tell me when u do that.

What is the first dimension of Length's side a face of an object or the side?

The side.

What is the first dimension of Herzberg's two-factor theory?

The first dimension, known as hygiene factors, involves the presence or absence of job dissatisfacters, such as wages, working environment, rules and regulations, and supervisors.

Letter to friend describing first day in college?


When was the first major standard describing a structured cabling system released?

- The first major standard describing a structured cabling system for computer networks was the TIA/EIA 568-A in 1995.

What are the ways in describing a set?

a.Roster Method:By listing ex:A={1,3,5,7} b.Rule Method:By describing/defining ex:A={the first odd numbers}

Which comes first out of summer and winter?

Summer comes first and then winter comes after fall!

When was the division Dell Dimension launched on the market?

The first type that was launched by the Dell Dimension division was the 900 serie, it featured a Celeron processor and was introduced in the year 2002.

Which comes first the fruit or the bloom?


What comes first Strategy or Policy?

Strategy comes first

What comes first brother's or brothers?

brother's comes first

What word comes first in ABC order do or does?

Do comes first.