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They dont have a particular direction,they can face any direction.

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Q: What direction do Japanese houses face?
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Do all Japanese gardens have tea houses?

Most of Japanese gardens does have tea houses

What are the little houses the Japanese lived in when they were rounded up for world war 2?

Japanese houses

What Japanese people house look like?

Japanese peoples houses look like houses.

How do you say face in Japanese?

The word for face is Japanese is kao.

How do you spell face in Japanese?

Face in Japanese is é¡” (kao).

How do you say Japanese houses in Japanese?

nicchuukantougou tentetsu

What direction do soccer fields face?

There is no set direction that they all face. They face different directions.

Why do horses face the same direction?

not all horses face the same direction

What direction Muslim face when they pray?

They face in the direction of the kaabah. that is located in maca.

Why do bluebird houses face southwest?

If you want birds to use a nestbox the direction is generally important because of prevailing weather conditions (which will depend on where you live).

What direction do Muslims face to pray in India?

Everywhere in the world, they face in the direction of the Kabah.

Why do blackbirds get together and face same direction?

why do blackbirds congregate and face the same direction

What direction should bluebird houses face in MT?

No, it should be placed horizontally. If it on the top rain will get into in and drown the chicks. If its on the bottom nothing can get in once the nest is built.

Why do sheep face the same direction?

One reason that sheep face the same direction is to keep the wind from their face. They also do this to face away from rain.

What is the difference between Japanese houses and Australian houses?

A Japanese house has most gardens and they have different rules, like they don't wear shoes inside.

What direction do Muslims face if they are in mecca?

They face the direction of Kaaba during praying while in Makkah (or Mecca(

If you face NE in which direction does your back face?


What direction does Muslims face when they pray?

They face mecca

What was the cause of the conflict for the attack on Darwin by the Japanese?

The Japanese were moving in that direction.

What direction do Muslims face to prey?

Toward the direction of Mecca.

Why do all seagulls always face the same direction in a field?

They face the direction with the wind, in other words, they dont like to face the oncoming wind.

Similarities in Australian and Japanese houses?

Japanes houses have a roof just like Australian homes

How do you write one direction in Japanese?

One Direction (the band) isワン・ダイレクション (wan dairekushon) in Japanese, while 'a single direction' (one direction) would be一つの方向 (hitotsu no houkou).

What direction should the Buddha face in a garden?

The Buddha should not face south, as this is associated with Yama. North is the preferred direction.

What is the name of the direction Muslims face when they pray at Mecca?

The name of the direction Muslims face when they pray at Mecca is called the "Qibla".