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Q: What direction do communication satellites travel?
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How do communication satellites get into orbit?

Communication satellites are lifted into orbit by rockets.

Where do communications satellites orbit?

Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.

Are communication and weather satellites geostationary satellites?

Yes, generally they are.

In which direction does the satellites of Venus' rotate?

Venus has no natural satellites.

What is different about the motion of satellites that travel in elliptical paths compared to satellites that travel in circular paths?

Elliptical satellites don't have a constant speed, but circular satellites do

What is the purpose of having communication satellites?

The purpose for having communication satellites in space, is by providing telecommunication throughout the world. Communication satellites are mostly used for mobile phone signals, weather tracking, and broadcasting television programs.

What kind of satellites orbit the earth?

communication satellites, astronomy, navigation, etc.

What direction do we send out satellites?


Are satellites launched in One Direction?


Are communication satellites found in space?

Yes, they are

What layer does the communication satellites orbit?

The ionosphere

What are the various communication facilities that can be used during disasters?

radios,satellites, satellites phones,ham radio are the various communication facilities during disasters