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What diseases can be prevented with vaccination?


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The list is long, with thousands of diseases that can be prevented. Some examples are; all forms of Hepititas, most forms of the flu, small pox and measles.

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Diseases are prevented, not cured, by vaccination. Small Pox.

Good hygiene and timely vaccination.

Generally diseases caused by viruses like nausea, AIDS and other can not be treated by vaccination as we do not have their vaccines or if have then they are not so effective.

Diseases can be prevented by getting your shots.

easily with vaccination

Most autoimmune diseases cannot be prevented

disscuss how virul diseases might be prevented

The Yellow Fever Vaccination

"diseases" is a very broad category. It's probably best if you search for specific diseases and then see if they can be prevented from there.

When are you are a child you get a vaccination in order to protect you from diseases in your life.

Vaccination is the most effective tool for prevention of infectious diseases.

Those are things that are not passed from your parents or grandparents to you. Only if you had a gene that prevented you from getting a disease would that work. People don't usually get dog or cat or cattle diseases because they have an innate immunity to some of them.

Many diseases can be prevnted by having vaccines and boosters. Diseases that can be prevented by doing these to include: Influenza Chicken Pox Measles Tetanus Hepatitis C Shingles

Prevention of infectious diseases.

Why doesn't measle vaccination protect you from diseases

Diseases such as hepatitis and genital herpes can be prevented using a vaccine.

Constipation and several Cardiovascular diseases.

Because vaccination prevents the spread of contagious diseases.

Hepatitus a and b are two different diseases allthough they are extremely similar

It prevents many serious communicable diseases.

I depends on the disease. Viral diseases often have vaccines. Heart disease can be prevented with good diet and excercise. Mosquito borne diseases can be prevented by using insect repellent.

There are many different thyroid diseases. Most cannot be prevented. Iodine deficiency problems may however be prevented with sufficient iodine intake.

No. Vaccinations are for preventing infectious diseases, not treating or curing them.

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