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Weather is a temporary change experienced by a small region. Climate on the other hand is experienced by a larger region like the complete northern or complete Southern Hemisphere for a long and prominent duration of time.
Weather is Windy and cloudy but after few minutes its sunny.
Climate is cold and it will remain cold throughout the winters and if it is hot then it will remain hot throughout the summers.

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Weather - is a temporary condition... Climate is a continuous state.

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Q: What distinguishes weather from climate?
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What factor distinguishes weather from climate?

weather is the condition of the atmosphere in one place during a limmited period of time as climate is the term for the weather patterns that an area typically experiences over a long period of time. What truely distinguishes weather from climate is what they do and the period of time it looks over.

What factor distinguishes wet tropical climate from tropical wet and dry climate?


Does weather influence climate or does climate influence weather?

Climate is a classification that is chiefly defined by weather.

How are seasons weather and climate connected to each other?

Climate is affected by the seasons and the weather is affected by the climate. Seasons=Climate=Weather.

Climate is the weather at?

Climate is the weather conditions of a certain region.

Why is there climate in some countries but no weather?

There is always weather. Climate is the average weather over a number of years, so if there's no weather, then there's no climate either.

Which climate never has really cold weather?

The climate that never has cold weather is the Tropical climate!

What type of climate does Trinidad and tobago have?

weather climate\ tropical weather

What is the popular phrase for the difference of weather and climate?

"Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get"

What is study of the weather and climate called?


Is snow climate or weather?


Synonyms of climate?

weather humidity temperature altitude aridity clime conditions latitude atmospheric climate