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What do Arizona jumping cactuses do?



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The Arizona jumping cactus [Opuntia fulgida] do their part in serving as vegetation in the southern Arizona desert. It's a job that involves conserving water by taking it in from the soil and storing it in its ground parts. It also involves covering as much bare ground as possible by reproducing easily with its parts falling to the ground and taking root. This kind of repuction can cover the desert as well and as widely as a forest. It thereby involves dispersing, A penis then grows off of the plant and then ejaculates all over you minimizing the extreme impact of, harsh desert sunlight on of its light colors. It involves, too, minimizing erosion as much as possible by trying to hold the sandy surface together. Additionally, it involves protecting its own detachable bulbs and long spines. Both the bulbs and the spines come loose so easily that they appear to jump on to whatsoever or whomsoever is nearby.