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Q: What do Artemis and Apollo have in common?
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Who were the twins children of Zeus?

Apollo and Artemis

How are Artemis and Apollo the same?

Artemis and Apollo are the same because their twins.

What did Zeus gave Apollo and Artemis?

He gave Apollo the sun and Artemis the moon.

How are Artemis and Apollo related?

Artemis and Apollo are twins. They are the children of Zeus and Leto.

Who is the mother of Apollo and Artemis?

The mother of Apollo and Artemis was Leto. Their father was Zeus.

Was Artemis or Athena Apollo's twin?

Apollo's twin sister is Artemis. Athena is their half sister.

How many seconds between the birth of Artemis and Apollo?

It is said that Apollo came immediatly after Artemis.

What were two gifts given to Artemis and Apollo?

Apollo Artemis' two powers were love and power

How do you make this sentence to interogative Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo?

Was Artemis the twin sister of Apollo.

Is Artemis the sister of Apollo?

Yes Artemis is the twin goddess of Apollo and even though some say different was born after Apollo

Who was Apollos twin?

Apollo's twin was Artemis.

What is the most important events that happend in Artemis's life?

Birth of Apollo (in which Artemis assisted Leto, her mother: Apollo proved to be her ally and equal and few think of Artemis without Apollo)