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What do Chinese people like to do?

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they do lots of differrent things like farming playing and laughing together theres ur answer

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What do Micmac people looks like?

like chinese people

Do Chinese people read like English people or what?

yes Chinese people read just like us if they know englishleft to right.

What is the Chinese climate like?

what is Chinese climate like?how does Chinese climate and geography help people decide where to live in china

What do the Chinese people believe in?

I'm Chinese, but i don't belive everything. anyway, Chinese people belive a lot of things like dragons, spirits,and stuff like that

Why do Chinese people eat?

rice, rice baby. You asked: 'WHY' do Chinese people eat? The Chinese people have to eat like any other people in order to survive.

Do Chinese people celebrate Christmas?

As a tradition, no. But there are Chinese people who like to celebrate Christmas like the Chinese people living in Hong Kong (HK was a British colony before its return to China in 1997).

Do Chinese people love ice cream?

Chinese people like ice cream like most of the people in the world so there is no reason to ask that question.

Who eats Chinese food?

a lot of people who like Chinese food eat it and also people from china

What do Chinese people value?

The Chinese people value a great many things like honor. Chinese people also value education, tradition, and family for example.

Why don't Chinese or Japanese people have body hair?

Both Japanese and Chinese people, like all people, have body hair.

What do Chinese people order from a Chinese takeaway?

Chinese people order things that they like to eat. Just like other people. But they usually order rice because it is something they eat almost everyday. I'm part Chinese and I live in China and I eat it everyday.

Which language would you recommend Japanese or Chinese?

Many people learned Chinese and found that Chinese is not as hard as our imaged, we are like it, it is very interesting.hope you like to.

Do people like Chinese food in London?

London is like anywhere else. There will be people that like it, and people that don't. There are several popular Chinese restaurants in London, such as Panda's Kitchen and WOKIT, which would suggest there are many people that do.

Why do Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year?

because Chinese new year is like Chirstmas in USA

Do chinese people eat mexican food?

Some mexicans like chinese food


Chinese people mostly celebrate Chinese New Year and maybe some other people who also like the holiday.

What do Chinese people play as a sport?

Chinese people like to play table tennis, also known as ping pong.

Do all Chinese people like Chinese?

In the world,there are always some people who hate their own country.And so does China.

Why do people like Chinese food?

People like Chinese food because it was healthy like chow mien or dumplings. It contains vitamin, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, mineral and iron. There are no salt or sugar. They eat to respect the culture of the Chinese.

Why do Mexicans like Chinese food?

All types of people like Chinese food. Mexicans tend to like spicy food and different flavors and Chinese food meets that criteria.

Do Chinese people eat curry?

like anyone

What are Korean people?

Korean people are people who originate in Korea. They look like Chinese.

Does Russian people look Chinese?

Yes, in some areas there are people who do look like they are Chinese in Russia. But that is in the Siberian area

What activities do Chinese people do?

They like to do sports and they like to go exercising and they like it if people would stop picking on them like racism.

Why do Chinese people make toys?

Chinese people make many things they are very industrious. Like people everywhere they make goods to earn money.

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