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Most Christians believe in some form of divine judgement after death. Beliefs differ between whether this judgement takes place immediately after death, on a future date until which time the departed soul 'sleeps', or on a future date at which time the dead person is brought back to life once more to be judged. The result of the judgement is also subject to different interpretations. Those found worthy receive some form of eternal reward such as living in a heavenly realm or an earthly paradise. Those judged to be unworthy receive punishment, again subject to debate, including but not limited to: endless suffering in Hell, temporary suffering before being allowed into paradise, or immediate annihilation through destruction of the soul.

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What people are polytheistic and believe in an afterlife?

Christians and muslims believe in the afterlife.

Do Catholics believe in life afterlife?

Of course Catholics, and all Christians, believe in an afterlife.

Do christians in Asia believe in afterlife?

Yes, all Christians believe when you die; your soul goes to heaven or hell.

Do Christians believe in the afterlife?

Yes,people go to paradise or a place of torment

What did the Greeks believe in the afterlife?

The Underworld of the Greeks is called Hades, and from it Hell of the Christians was brought about.

Why do christians believe in a good after life?

Christians believe in a good afterlife because it's described in the scriptures they believe in. Most Christians believe in the Bible--you might want to start there. If you want more, you can also try the Book of Mormon, which the Latter-Day Saints and a few others believe is another testament of Christ.

Do hidus believe in the afterlife?

yes they do believe in afterlife

Did babylonians believe in the afterlife?

Yes, they did believe in the afterlife.

What did Egytians believe about the afterlife?

What is the afterlife

Which religons believe in the afterlife?

All mainstream religions believe in an afterlife.

Are the members of Tokio Hotel Christians?

no, but bill and tom believe in some sort of creator and afterlife. georg not sure and Gustav is a protestant.

What is it called when you only believe in afterlife but not god?

AnswerIt is certainly not necessary to believe in the Abrahamic God to believe in an afterlife. Many religions offer hope for an afterlife in return for belief in their gods. However, to believe in an afterlife, but not believe in any gods, is a form of spiritualism.

Do Hasidim Jews believe in an afterlife?

Yes, all religious Jews believe in the afterlife.

Do Christians believe in after death reincarnation or in heaven?

Christians do not believe in reincarnation. Christians believe in Heaven.

What do Pastafarians believe about the afterlife?

Pastafarians believe that the afterlife is full of beer volcanoes and stripper factories.

Do Christians believe in afterlife?

Yes.Christians believe in after life, but not only after life also eternal life. Eternal life is a gift from God to all those who believe Jesus died as a suitable sacrifice for sin.1Jn 5:11 The testimony is this: God has given us eternal life, and this life has its source in his Son.1Jn 5:12 Whoever has the Son has this life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.No they dont believe in afterlife

Do Jews and Christians have a place in the afterlife according to Islam?


Does satanism believe in a afterlife?

No, a Satanist believes in no prelife or afterlife.

Why did the Chinese believe in the afterlife?

they belived in the afterlife so you can life a long happy afterlife....... BEAST

A sentence with the word afterlife?

"She doesn't believe in any form of an afterlife."

If the Saints are dead how can you petition them?

Those who would petition Saints believe in an afterlife and believe that the Saints are alive in the afterlife.

Will God help us?

A:Christians are taught to believe that God will help us, so from a theological perspective you ought to believe that God will help us. However, the evidence is that God does not help us here on earth, and it is only a matter of speculation whether he helps us in the afterlife - if there is indeed an afterlife.

Why do christians believe life is a test?

Although that is not a universal Christian belief, many Christians see life as a test because Jesus stressed that in this life, we must choose between the tempting evil and the unappealing good, and this choice will determine our status in the afterlife. Thus, we are tested in this life to determine whether we deserve an afterlife in paradise or not.

What does Christianity feels about death and afterlife?

Unfortunately it is somewhat divided.On one side the camp: You have the mainstream religions whose flock believes in an 'afterlife' after death; even though some of their scholars recognize that the Bible doesn't teach such. This brings us to . . .The other side of the camp. Some scholars agree with Jehovah's Witnesses as Christians who do NOT believe in an 'afterlife'. Instead they believe in a resurection 'on the last day'. In the meantime, they believe that when you die, your are actually dead.

Do you believe in the afterlife but not heaven or hell?

I do not believe in an afterlife and therefore do not believe in heaven or hell. I will believe in one or more of these when there is a scintilla of evidence that there is an afterlife.At the moment, it is a matter of faith, and faith alone, although I acknowledge that belief in an afterlife offers comfort to some.